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1. Selene Stone transforms the ritual of gifting to others—and yourself

Article by Emily Draher

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Liz Bradley wants you to live well. While working in the fast-paced lifestyle of New York’s fashion scene, she had an interaction with a Reiki energy practitioner, which she says led her to an a-ha! moment.

“I felt a shift in my own energy,” recalls Bradley. “All of these different experiences I’ve had came full circle for me. From then on, I decided—I’m going to explore this holistic path of wellness.”

Bradley’s path took the form of mindful living, intention setting, and a growing love for crystal healing. She knew she wanted to share her grounded and centered lifestyle with others, so while ringing in the 2018 New Year under a bright supermoon, she set the intention to bring Selene Stone to life.

The initial plan was to open an online store offering unique goods for a mindful lifestyle. But when she moved back to Stark County from NYC, the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar boutique manifested itself. By fall 2018, she opened Selene Stone in the Downtown Canton Arts District. Shortly after, she made the move to her current Jackson Township storefront. 

The store is bright and airy, with natural crystals displayed in gorgeous color-coded groupings. Shelves around the perimeter of the store display books, skincare, bath and body products, jewelry, candles, oracle decks, and energy-clearing room sprays. As soon as you enter, you can feel the healing energy in the space—and Bradley’s warm, inclusive nature. 

While Bradley admits that she didn’t always feel completely comfortable in other spiritual shops or communities, she used those experiences to create a space that is welcoming and inclusive to all. Her goal is to bring awareness to a variety of mindfulness practices that can encourage wellness, and by doing so, hopefully nurture, inspire, and support those in her community.

Selene Stone offers a myriad of intentionally chosen products and gifts. Best sellers include herbal skincare made in Ohio; candles that are hand-poured on the full moon each month so they’re infused with powerful manifestation energy; crystal-infused energy-clearing sprays; and handcrafted jewelry. However, the natural crystals steal the show when you walk in. Customers agree: small tumbled stones and decorative pieces are Selene Stone’s most popular items.

Crystal healing is an ancient form of holistic wellness that recently resurfaced in popular culture. History tells of warriors wearing hematite for protection and royal leaders wearing lapis lazuli for wisdom. Each crystal offers its own unique vibration, lending it to a specific set of metaphysical uses. Today, crystals can be used in meditation or a spiritual practice, as home decor, in self-care products, and in jewelry.

“You unlock a crystal's power by thinking of a goal or mindfully setting your intentions," Bradley explains. "Crystals work their magic by infusing your daily thoughts with these goals, intentions, and positive energy. Regardless of their energetic vibrations, crystals can be powerful talismans by serving as tangible reminders of your goals, feelings, and wishes.”

For anyone new to crystal healing, Bradley suggests starting by carrying a small tumbled stone in your pocket or purse. Small display pieces can be beneficial to sit on your desk or nightstand.

Juicy, purple amethyst is the perfect starter crystal—for yourself or as a gift. Amethyst is a great stone to use if your intentions involve mental or emotional awareness, stress relief, or more restful sleep. Amethyst has a transmuting energy, helping to purify negative or low vibrational energies into more peaceful, positive vibrations. It is available in its beautiful raw form as a cluster of purple crystals or in a variety of cut, polished, and tumbled pieces.

Perhaps you could take inspiration from the name of the store itself. The name Selene Stone incorporates two of Bradley’s favorite crystals: selenite and moonstone. Moonstone is a flashy crystal that represents transition, new beginnings, and growth, much like our constantly changing moon. Selenite is a beautiful white crystal named after Selene, the Greek Titan goddess of the moon. This soothing mineral purifies and cleanses negative energy out of a space or other crystals and aids with mental clarity and intuition.

For those looking for unique, mindfully made gifts that you can’t find elsewhere, Selene Stone is a great place to start. Your loved ones will certainly feel the intention of wellness behind your gift, transforming the art of giving to others—and yourself. And if you’re still feeling unsure of where to start on your path of intentional wellness, Bradley and her staff are knowledgeable and joyful in their eagerness to help.

“If I hold this space for people and have these things to offer, to support and nurture them as they’re exploring their own paths of wellness, then even helping just one person is meaning enough for me.”

Learn more about Selene Stone and see a selection of their products at

selenestone.com, or visit their Marketplace at Nobles Pond location in Jackson Township.

Starter Crystals

A.   Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer. This high-vibration stone clears energy blockages and brings your chakra system into alignment, while amplifying positive energy and the energetic effects of other crystals. Clear quartz also is great for focus, making it fabulous for your workspace.

B.   Amethyst is a soothing stone known to dispel grief and sadness, relieve stress, and open the user to mindful and spiritual awareness. It can purify a space of negative energy. Place it on your nightstand for restful sleep.

C.   Black Obsidian is protective and grounding. It repels negativity and helps ensure down-to-earth and calm feelings. Obsidian pocket stones are a favorite for relieving anxiety.

D.   Rose Quartz, also known as the love stone, is highly regarded for its energies of unconditional love, emotional balance, and healing of the heart. Rose quartz makes a gorgeous gift for a loved one

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