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Interior Design Inspiration Is Just a Phone Call Away

NEET Design Group can provide the interior home of your dreams

According to local realtors, close to 2,000 homes were sold in Las Vegas in the single month of June 2023. That’s a lot of couches, end tables, and more that need to be purchased and with any luck, fit into an overall design aesthetic the homeowner has in mind, not to mention all the commercial spaces and Airbnbs that need to be filled with the right style to welcome guests and customers. Suffice it to say, there is a need for interior designers, and one of those talented designers is Las Vegas’ own Nenah Washington of NEET Design Group, based in Summerlin. 

Since 2018, NEET Design Group has been offering personalized interior design services and is only growing as the city expands. Whether it’s a newly purchased home or one that’s just been rented or renovated, Nenah and her team are ready with unique, creative interiors for various budgets. 

Born from an initial career with luxury hotels and then real estate, Nenah discovered a natural connection to the world of creative design. She quickly excelled when she was able to offer her real estate clients the added benefit of well-informed design choices and cost-effective renovations that truly impressed. Yet it was not until 2018 when a heartbreaking divorce set her on the path to personal and career independence. 

“It was out of the ashes of a divorce that I started NEET Design Group and discovered that life has the potential to offer greater joy than we previously thought possible.”

Today, Nenah’s aim with NEET Design Group is to inspire her clients by pushing them to think outside the box and forge partnerships that will deliver on her promise to transform empty spaces into captivating environments. 

So how does Nenah and her team do just that? While it may seem daunting at first, Nenah removes any confusion with an initial phone consultation. It’s during this call that she assesses if there’s a synergy between herself and the client and what they are looking to accomplish. 

“The first step for me is to always assess compatibility over the phone. Our partnership will be a tight one, and we must be aligned from the beginning,” says Nenah. 

From there, Nenah meets with them in person to discuss goals, objectives, budgets, and more. It’s only then that Nenah and her clients get to discuss the wow factors and witness a space reimagined. 

“This is the fun part,” says Nenah. “I love seeing my clients’ eyes light up when I present ideas of how their space can transform, and I find that so satisfying.”

And while prospective clients don’t need to know everything they want to achieve at the beginning, Nenah has some helpful advice to keep the process running smoothly. 

“Most people are excited and come with inspiration, yet it’s helpful to go a little deeper than that,” says Nenah. “By examining your space and being realistic about what will complement and harmonize with your existing items, you can develop a clearer vision.”

She also mentions it’s worth taking inventory of which current pieces you would be willing to part with if need be and which must stay put. This will guide the decision-making process and help create a cohesive design plan that balances personal style and the space's practicality. 

Yet even the most prepared clients will still need to rely heavily on NEET Design Group’s expertise and experience. A typical pitfall that clients encounter is getting excited about certain styles and pieces while not realizing they may look different in their own homes. 

“This is something that I see often,” explained Nenah. “And it’s why partnering with a designer can help to save time, effort, and the disappointment of mismatched elements. My team and I work hard to ensure that each decision is thoughtfully considered.”

And if new clients are at a loss for inspiration, Nenah herself has suggestions on top of the myriad of online resources such as Instagram and Pinterest. When asked what current trends she’s loving right now, Nenah first points to the importance of how remote work has altered our lives and spaces and that it’s drawn in even more newcomers to the area. 

“With this population growth comes a unique opportunity to incorporate elements from clients' homes and places of origin into the aesthetics of Las Vegas style. By carefully integrating these diverse influences, we can create designs that not only capture the essence of Las Vegas but also pay homage to the cultural backgrounds and home states of its residents.” 

And when it comes to specific ideas, Nenah is loving the current trend of embracing natural and organic elements, especially when reflected in the gentle curves of lighting fixtures and the softened shapes of furniture and decor, she says. She’s recently been seeing combinations in the use of cream and white tones, harmoniously complemented by the inclusion of natural wood and other organic materials. She says this blend creates a serene and inviting atmosphere while infusing a sense of warmth and authenticity into the space.

And lastly, if you think that interior designers only work with big budgets, you may be surprised to know that Nenah can work with various scopes and price ceilings. NEET Design Group is not a one size fits all service, and her work is extremely personalized to the needs of each client. There are a number of ways to reduce budget, if need be, says Nenah, and rather than attempting to tackle the entire home, directing attention to specific areas allows for a more concentrated effort and attention to detail, she says. Inspiration knows no limits, and a free phone consultation to explore the possibilities will be time well spent.

It was out of the ashes of a divorce that I started NEET Design Group and discovered that life has the potential to offer greater joy than we previously thought possible.

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