Interior Design with White Willow Owner, Libby Crider

“I learn something every day and try to evolve with the various designs and styles thrown my way,” Crider said.

White Willow, one of our favorite shops in Cullman, provides everything you need for your house to feel like a home. From supplying big pieces of furniture to catering to the tiniest of details, White Willow is more than a furniture store; it’s a design studio. 

The owner, Libby Crider, had been designing for her friends and family years before she started doing it professionally in 2016 when she opened the store. “I learn something every day with it, and try to evolve with the various designs and styles thrown my way,” Crider said. 

Most of White Willow’s work is in Cullman and on Smith Lake, but they also do house calls for people in Tennessee, Florida, and other locations. 

Libby Crider initially started White Willow as a hobby and she found herself needing something to do with her time. “I still just can’t believe that it’s turned into what it is,” Crider said when asked about her growing success. 

White Willow’s most recent project was refurbishing a house for a couple from Decatur. While touring the house, the wife stated that she “just wanted to bring her toothbrush.” WW provided everything— decor, dishes, sheets, and even stocked their pantry—  all within three days. “We took all of the old furniture out and donated it, and they were just in awe when they came back to view it. Crider said. “That’s the best part of the job; it’s wonderful to finish a house and see how appreciative they are.”

The White Willow team is: Crider, her daughter Sydney, and three other women. One of the staff members, Amanda, has been with Crider since 2017. “We’ve been together for so long that, at this point, we read each other’s minds,” Crider said. Crider described her team as passionate, smart, and eager to work. 

The team stays on top of current trends by going to the Atlanta furniture markets, as well as going to the Highpoint in North Carolina. WW has developed a timeless style and provides a base layer of furniture that can stay classic and beautiful.

Last year, White Willow was featured in the Alabama magazine after winning Best of Bama. They won Best in Furniture and Interior Store.

White Willow does its best to support the community around it, specifically by supporting local schools and establishments. Crider herself is involved in the Cullman Womens’ League. They meet once a month to sponsor different charities around town. Once a year, the Womens’ League hosts a fundraiser; this past year they raised $24,000 in donations!  

Crider’s advice “Just be yourself! “Always trust your gut instinct instead of being trendy. When you’re trying to form a style, stay true to who you are, what you love, and what makes you comfortable.” Crider said.

White Willow has established itself as the go-to furniture boutique in Cullman. The staff and its owner are wonderful and extremely helpful, and the decor is absolutely to die for! 

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