Interior That Tell a Story

A peek inside interior design firm, The Georgian Goose.

In the heart of Decatur, The Georgian Goose is helping locals design and craft homes that tell stories. 

Trish, the brand visionary, combined her love for her late grandmother, Gigi, and her beloved French Bulldog, Goose, who tends to believe he is the king of England. She also drew from the beauty of the state where the company was founded. These influences inspired her to create the name, The Georgian Goose.

With a passion for interior design at a young age, Trish recalls watching her grandmother assist in the styling of family members’ homes. "She really had an eye for antiques and understood how to layer them effortlessly," Trish shares.

The initials "GG" in The Georgian Goose pay homage to this cherished memory.

The Georgian Goose was founded in 2017 when Trish, her husband Steven, and Goose moved to Atlanta from New York City. Over the years, both the business and family have grown: Lori Jones joined as her treasured Design Assistant, and Trish and Steven have welcomed two darling children, Charlie and Goldie.

Trish worked in publishing and marketing beforehand, giving her a creative edge. Trish focuses on interiors tailored for young families and professionals; encouraging them to invest in pieces that stand the test of time. 

Echoing the sentiment that a well-designed home is a curated narrative, she draws parallels between Southern hospitality and New England style. In combining the two, she blends traditional and modern elements into her designs, emphasizing personal details. 

She especially loves to focus on often overlooked parts of the home. She emphasizes the importance of the entryway, describing it as “the opening page of a great novel." She believes it serves as a metaphorical introduction to each home's unique story. 

For Trish, it's not about design: it's about transforming your home into living, breathing stories waiting to be told. 


"When we moved to Atlanta, I decided to start my dream."

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