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5 international volunteer opportunities


With the goal of fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission, Cru offers different types of mission trips for college and high school students, teachers, working adults and families. Their missions range from study abroad and gap year to inner city, medical, athletic, and humanitarian-type missions.

Medical Teams

This Christian-based mission’s aim is to deliver life-saving medical care to people in crisis by entering places of turmoil, disease and natural disaster. Visit places such as Uganda and Guatemala as a dental, medical, or layworker volunteer to provide services such as refugee health screenings and bringing aid to mothers and children.

Hands at Work

Hands at Work needs volunteers to help their mission to care for the orphaned and vulnerable in Africa through food security, education, health care, home visits, building life centers and churches as part of their care team helping volunteers with organization, project management, and administrative tasks.

Roam Humanitarian

Roam Humanitarian offers a variety of types of trips such as environmental cleanup, education, orphanage, water projects, baseball field construction and clinics, and environmental cleanups to Cambodia, Bali, Tanzania, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Fiji, Nepal, and Brazil.

Give Volunteers

Give Volunteers offers a chance for volunteers to work on various eco-friendly infrastructure projects including schools, water tanks, and other critical structures through disaster relief and reforestation.