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Dive Into the Art of Pool Design with Jonathan and Bianca, Owners of PalmSet Pools

Jonathan and Bianca, owners of PalmSet Pools, are all about outdoor living. Imagine long, leisurely swims in a swimming pool created for your family's specific needs. At PalmSet Pools, they are experts in working closely with clients to build dream backyards. By taking the time up front to understand every need, clients have a peace of mind knowing their investment will be everything they envisioned. "Sometimes clients will sketch what they are visualizing for their space; I love when they do that because I can take their ideas and bring them to life," says Bianca. 

These ideas are brought to life using state-of-the-art custom computer-assisted design (CAD) technology. This feature lets clients see the pool transposed in their backyard with 2D and 3D architectural renderings. 

Jonathan and Bianca are not just focused on constructing pools; they desire to artistically transform backyards. "We really offer a full-package deal from providing hardscape to adding fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas, water features or outdoor living spaces, even landscaping ties it all together at the very end." 

From concept to completion, none of this is possible without the hard work of everyone involved. "Our team of various workers and subcontractors takes great pride in their work, and we have them to thank for providing quality results for our clients." In addition, Lyon Financial is proud to partner with PalmSet Pools to help make your backyard dreams come true. PalmSet Pools provide expertise in creating custom swimming pools that become beautiful, jewel-like centerpieces for any backyard.

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