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Makeup Artist Audrey Lefevre Instills Confidence as She Highlights Her Clients’ Best Features

For Audrey Lefevre it’s all about shadow and light. These concepts guide her eye and her hand as she helps people accentuate their best features in her daily work as a makeup artist.

During a career that began as a singer, dancer and model in her native France, Audrey was always more drawn to makeup. “As part of a theater group in Paris,” she says, “I had to do my own makeup every night.” Later, of her ten years as a model, she says, “I didn’t particularly like it but it gave me more self-confidence.”

Having earned her professional certification in Paris and also in the U.S., Audrey does make-up for brides, clients attending galas, people making TV appearances, and more than a few A-listers, including prime ministers and presidents.

“Everyone receives the same treatment,” she says. “I respect everyone. The most important thing is to understand their needs so I can target their best feature. I will never do the same makeup on a 20-year-old that I do on a 60-year-old. You have to work on what you want to highlight in the face and what you want to put in shadow.”

Audrey cautions to beware of makeup tutorials on YouTube. “Sometimes those products won’t work for you,” she says, as she explains that she sometimes shops for clients since she knows exactly the skincare and makeup products that work best for each.

As for doing your own makeup, Audrey says, “Don’t try to do more than you can do. You have to be gentle with yourself.” For every day, all you need, she said, is “good mascara, good blush and good lipstick.” Connect with Audrey on Instagram @audreylefevre17.

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