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Traci & Andrew Miller, owners

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Ready For Its Close Up In Downtown Celina

Article by Christine Clark

Photography by Holly Farrow

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

There is a new store in Celina highlighting home décor, jewelry and clothing, plants and botanicals called Terramania. If you break that name down, Terra is a word as old as Greek mythology and means from the earth. While mania can be defined as excessive enthusiasm, a desire or obsession. Therefore, Terramania can be described as one’s obsession with all things from the Earth. Walking through this gorgeous new store full of natural elements you can see the owners Traci and Andrew Miller’s obsession where all things from the earth come to life.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Traci and learn more about her journey to be a store owner in Celina. In 2020, they were introduced to Celina by Andrew’s parents, who were home searching in the area. Andrew’s parents attended a Friday Night Market on the Square and suggested they bring their pop-up booth to the next event. They were blown away by the kindness of the locals and noticed the nostalgia of kids running barefoot around the square. It gave them the warm feeling of their childhood.  

Since then, Traci has worked to hone her style and craft by doing pop-up markets in Frisco, McKinney and Celina.  She also hosted shows in her home allowing customers to shop throughout her home. Andrew built her a portable set that looked like a real store. As they moved from event to event, they would stock and stage the “pop-up store” with all the textiles, botanicals, furniture, and home goods to make it seem like a brick-and-mortar store. The cycle of loading and unloading, while both were working full-time day jobs, was wearing them out. In June of 2021, Traci quit her full-time job and started the journey to open Terramania.  

Traci and Andrew are firmly rooted in their faith. When they started their search for locations for Terramania, Traci had three specific prayers. One, she did not want to be in a strip mall. Two, she wanted to be in a community where she could be connected and connect with others. And three, she wanted 3,000 square feet with character. When they landed on Cherry’s Antiquibles on the July 4th weekend of 2021, she knew God was answering her prayers.

Wrapping up my conversation with Traci, I asked why Celina? “It was truly God leading us to Celina.  Every sign, every confirmation I prayed for led us to Celina. A place where we can serve and be a part of a community.  I wanted that small town charm and feel and Celina, TX has it like none other!” 

Visit Terramania in Downtown Celina on the Square. Mention "Celina Lifestyle 15" for 15% off any single item.