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Photo by Shoccara Marcus  @shocphoto

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Introducing Danielle Swatzie

A Rising Star in the World of Dance

Article by Jada Garner

Photography by Shoccara Marcus @shocphoto

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

In the busy town of Atlanta, Georgia, a dance star is rising to prominence. Danielle Swatzie, a dynamic performer from the South, has consistently wowed the world of dance with her outstanding talent. Danielle's rise from DeKalb School of the Arts to the stages of prominent theaters has been nothing less than spectacular, earning her a spot on Dance Magazine's top 25 to watch list.

Danielle, born and raised in Atlanta, had a strong desire to dance from an early age. Her stay at DeKalb School of the Arts fueled her passion for artistic expression. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from The University of the Arts, where her ability blossomed, and her unique vision began to emerge. Danielle's expertise includes dance, choreography, directing, and producing. Her work has been recognized by experts in the field, and her brief film "META" won the highly regarded BronzeLens Film Festival Award for Best Music and Dance Film in 2021. Danielle's film "META" and choreographic work, including "growing roots through concrete," which debuted in 2020, solidified her status as a dance innovator, earning her an Official Selection at ADF's Movies by Movers in 2023 and an Honorable Mention at the Jacksonville Dance-Film Festival in 2021. Danielle's talents transcend the stage and screen, as she enthusiastically offers her expertise with the coming generations of artists.

Danielle's devotion to mentorship and learning equals her dedication to her skill, shown through work with esteemed institutions such as Spelman College and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, alongside her role as Assistant Choreographer in prominent theater, TV, and film projects. Danielle's upcoming project, "eyes are portals to the soul," focuses on love, belonging, and gender, with influence from bell hooks, demonstrating her commitment to art for social and personal development. We eagerly await Danielle’s next chapters and projects, which remind us of art's ability to inspire and illuminate. She's not only a blossoming dancing star, but also a source of inspiration for everyone.

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  • Photo by Shoccara Marcus  @shocphoto
  • Photo by Shoccara Marcus  @shocphoto
  • Photo by Shoccara Marcus  @shocphoto