This Thanksgiving, if you’re feeling a bit too lazy for a day of cooking or obligations are in the way, why not book a five-star chef to impress your hungry family and guests?

INTUEAT is “the UberEats of personal and private chefs,” according to Owner Leo de Aguilar. “We offer thoroughly vetted, contracted chefs for private events. We’re essentially a digital concierge service, a middleman between chefs and clients.”

In essence, INTUEAT is a luxury concierge service that connects you to a portfolio of hand-selected chefs. And the best part is, all you have to do is book the chef, or chefs if it’s a larger event. The rest is up to INTUEAT.

To book an event, log onto and select a chef that fits your bill. You can choose based on their discipline, or the cuisine listed in their profile. There, you can also check chef calendars, which are always live and up-to-date, so ensure they’re open on your selected date. Submit your request, wait for confirmation, and there you have it - you’ve booked a private chef with the skills to craft a Michelin star-worthy meal for your party of hungry guests. 

And when it’s all said and done, your house will look just as it did before your INTUEAT chefs arrived. Upon leaving your place, everything will be cleaned up for you - no need to worry about piles of dishes to clean the next morning. 

Leo, the founder and CEO, first launched INTUEAT in 2019 when it was called “ChefConnect.” Back then, he’d launched pre-pandemic and found success cooking for some Denver athletes and politicians. But the two-week shutdown in 2020 put a quick halt to this exciting chapter. 

Business suffered, as it wasn’t safe to operate in people’s homes. However this didn’t discourage Leo. In the following months, his small team of chefs would donate 500 meals to frontline responders and service workers who were displaced throughout the pandemic. Although it was a small start-up run by college kids, they went on to host 10 events between November and March of 2020. According to Leo, “It was a slow start, but those events were high-impact.”

Now, INTUEAT is seeing healthy growth with a deep roster of five-star chefs to choose from. Leo is currently connecting over 50 chefs to three markets: Colorado, South Florida, Dallas, TX, and Georgia. Though Colorado is INTUEAT’s hub, with over 35 active chefs in the area able to cater to several locations up and down the state.

Leo stresses that INTUEAT isn’t just a private chef or catering company. Oftentimes, these services are pre-set with food that’s been prepared in advance. Leo says, “Anybody can call a catering company for a pre-set event, but that eliminates the level of care and overall experience you’d receive from an INTEAT chef. We often break expectations with a five-star, in-home dining experience rather than the tired hors d’oeuvres and drinks you’re used to.”

Now, the floodgates have opened for business at INTUEAT - especially with Thanksgiving meals right around the corner. Leo stresses that plenty of chefs aren’t yet booked for Thanksgiving, so for a feast to remember this November without any fuss, head to and book a chef today. A five-star Thanksgiving meal awaits you and your hungry guests.

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