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Invest in Yourself!

This is your year to find balance and prioritize healthy living!

Article by Allilia Price with CogitoWELL

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

Think of self care as synonymous with wellness and finding balance. Wellness is the goal that strengthens the whole person and makes all other goals more attainable. Finding balance is the plan that brings solutions. Balancing wellness through mental health includes physical, emotional and mental wellness investments. But let’s break down what it means to have wellness and balance in Self-Care. Just like a three-legged stool, there are three parts of wellness that require one another to work together as one, and the “whole” is only as strong as the weakest leg. The strength of these “legs” is paramount to the support that the stool provides to the “seat”. Think of the seat as comprising all of your personal priorities–your family, your health, your profession, your faith. Here, the legs represent three pillars of Self-Care: physical, emotional and mental.

3 Pillars of Self-Care

Physical wellness comprises fitness, stillness and meditation and cultivating relationships.

Emotional wellness is the resilience needed to express ourselves clearly despite circumstances.

Mental wellness is the ability to embrace change by adapting to new strategies and health practices.

How I Approach Self-Care

●       Confer with yourself. In the U.S., adults feel relaxed only 40 minutes or less out of a 24-hour period.

●       Hydrate the body from within!

●       Find stillness.  Take a deep breath to reset thoughts.

●       Go for a walk or hike. Nature is a natural healer.

●       Show gratitude! Happy hormones like dopamine are naturally elevated when we extend positivity to others.

●       Seek healthy boundaries to protect your peace, mind and energy.

●       Declutter active spaces in your home or office.

When to Invest in Self-Care

●       Start Now.

●       Follow the rhythmic circadian to watch the sunrise or to follow the sunset. Start today.

●       Look away from electronic devices for 25 minutes 4-8 times per day. Try looking away now.

●       Practice Prioritization. Use a calendar to curate healthy boundaries by removing activities that are less important.

Aristotle notes that “we are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Therefore, investing in Self-Care is a necessary habit. The three-legged stool requires that all three legs are strengthened in order to thrive: Physical, Emotional and Mental. Being intentional with your mental health, removing distractions and prioritizing personal wellness are the keys to cultivating the three pillars of Self-Care.

Dr. Allilia Price is a health and wellness consultant and adjunct professor of Philosophy at Spelman College.  She focuses on driving intentionality with healthy practices, fitness, wellness, self-care, othering and belonging and analytic philosophy. Allilia is passionate about service and acts as a community leader and non-profit board director.