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Cash In on Me-Time with 30 Minute Hit Parker

Women, known for their busy schedules, often make multitasking appear effortless. But the reality is quite the opposite, as the cliché of prioritizing self-care over caring for others is easier said than done—especially when "me-time" feels like a luxury. Imagine, however, if you could nurture your well-being, manage stress and learn self-defense techniques—all in just 30 minutes. You can!

Jody Robeson, co-owner of 30 Minute Hit Parker (with husband Aaron), makes investing in “you” possible by providing purpose-driven 30-minute circuit workouts. “We use highly effective styles of martial arts training combined with circuit training and high-intensity interval training to deliver the best workout imaginable—all in just 30 minutes,” Jody explains.

Each 30-minute, 13-station session targets different strikes, self-defense techniques, and core exercises, while expert trainers guide members at each step, offering personalized support while ensuring correct execution. “Our workout works for all fitness levels,” explains Jody. “We [can] modify for injury or deconditioning. We are also able to progress and vary combinations and movements to continue to challenge even advanced members.”

The 30 Minute Hit’s inclusive community consists of women investing in the physical, emotional and mental health benefits of exercise—on their own time. “You never need to worry that a class will be full or canceled,” shares Jody. “Show up any time that works for you and get (H)IT done on your terms!”

Every 30 Minute Hit membership includes unlimited training, a free kid’s area, free specially designed boxing gloves and wrist wraps and access to any 30 Minute Hit location. “Members love how much better they feel while working out regularly at the HIT,” shares Jody. “They also enjoy the supportive atmosphere and community that we provide . . . We have regular events and contests [making] what we do even more fun.”

For more information, visit 18871 Plaza Drive, Unit 102, Parker, CO or Call them at (720) 508-4630, or email

"Members love how much better they feel while working out regularly at the HIT."

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