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Investing in Fayetteville

From watchmakers to jewelers, the Brosh family's legacy shines brightly in the heart of Dickson Street.

The Brosh family is a three-generation family of jewelers. In the 40s', Charles Brosh and Phil Long were managing competing jewelry chain stores in Popular Bluff, MO when, despite the circumstances, they became friends. When they heard that Newport, Arkansas needed watchmakers for the train station employees, they decided to move their families to Newport. There, they started a business together called Brosh Long Jewelers in 1944.  Along the way, Charles passed on his passion to his son, Patric.  After working in the business for decades, Patric started his own jewelry business in Fayetteville called Romance Diamond C. in 1996. 

In 2003, Patric Brosh moved Romance Diamond Co. to the heart of Dickson Street, where it sits now.  The stunning red brick building is a highlight of the street’s bustling atmosphere.  Surrounded by large open windows, each piece of jewelry inside shines from the glow of sunlight.  On many occasions, there will be an excited young man sitting inside and looking through options for his future fiancé. And, for one of the most important investments of his life, he has come to the perfect place.  

Co-owner of Romance Diamond Co. Brittany Adair joined her father Patric in 2003 after working in the jewelry industry for years.  She said that, at the outset of every year, the team likes to choose words to remind them of their goals. One of their words at the beginning of this year was ‘investment.’  For Romance Diamond Co., this means that they value and serve their customers, they invest in themselves, and they actively support the community.

Romance Diamond Co. has a personal and transparent process for clients interested in their product.  They have over fifteen designers that provide jewelry. They offer a variety of services such as repair, cleaning, and insurance opportunities. And, in an industry that relies on referrals, they have had thousands of satisfied customers.

Brittany said that helping these clients is a joyful and emotional process. For that man looking through engagement rings, Brittany says he is searching for a piece and a symbol to fit the person he will be spending the rest of his life with. She said that one of her favorite parts of her job is receiving pictures from those proposals. 

To continually serve their clients, Brittany said it is important that they invest in themselves.  With a newly renovated space and updated software, Romance Diamond Co. is preparing for another 20 years of serving Fayetteville. And, with these improvements, they will provide customers with an easier way to enjoy their experience. Brittany said, “We are always trying to meet a customer where their needs are.”

Romance Diamond Co. not only invests in their clients, but they invest in the community.  Brittany said that they want Fayetteville to remain vibrant and healthy, so they search for ways to be active in supporting charities and clients. “We’re honored and humbled by all the support we’ve received from our town,” she said. “And outreach through our nonprofits is a way to show our appreciation to our clients and help our community.”

This outreach includes giving to local charities and helping with events around Fayetteville.  Romance gives to organizations such as Life Styles, TheatreSquared, Restore Humanity, and Children’s Tumor Foundation. In fact, Brittany said Romance will be giving jewelry to participants in Northwest Arkansas' "Dancing with our Stars" Gala. The proceeds from selling any pieces will go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Whatever words, like investment, that Romance Diamond Company has decided to remember for the year, their goal remains to be a trusted, service-focused jeweler and supporter of the Fayetteville community. 

“We are always trying to meet a customer where their needs are.”

  • Patric Brosh, left, Brittany Adair, middle, with Italian jewelry provider,  Marco Bicego

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