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Smith Lake’s emerald green waters are calling

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Investing in land

The value of Cullman County and Smith Lake

Article by Melissa Curtis & Thomas Joiner

Photography by Various

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Cullman and the serene expanse of Smith Lake beckon with an invitation to invest in more than just land – to invest in a lifestyle. As small-town charm meets the tranquil beauty of the lake, the allure of these areas for real estate investment becomes undeniable.

Cullman has all that welcoming small-town charm! You can enjoy the simplicity of life with friendly neighbors, local businesses and a genuine sense of community. The city of Cullman has year-round events that are perfect for the entire family - 2nd Fridays, the Alabama Strawberry Festival, Oktoberfest and Christkindlmarkt - just to name a few. 

Homes in Cullman County are beautiful and many have rich histories. You can tour some of these homes on the Share Club Christmas Tour of Homes in December. But the area has lots of land, as well, for farming, hunting and so much more. Cullman County is known for its agricultural success. And it is the top agricultural producer in Alabama, with poultry being at the top of the list. 

The Smith Lake area is one of the most popular parts of Cullman County. Smith Lake is actually so large that it is in three counties - Cullman, Walker and Winston. It is rated the cleanest lake in Alabama and has gorgeous, emerald-green waters. It covers approximately 21,200 acres and has more than 500 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth can be found at Lewis Smith Dam - 264 feet. Smith Lake is the answer to relaxation - with its crystal clear waters and peaceful surroundings. As a playground for water enthusiasts - water skiing, boating and jet skis are a must. But you will also find many fishing tournaments are held here because of Smith Lake’s vast variety of fish - it is a great destination for bass fishing! 

Cullman has seen explosive growth over the past five years. From April 2020 to July 2022, the population increased by 3.2%. Over those five years, Cullman has consistently ranked in the top 10 best cities in the state to raise a family. The state of Alabama as a whole has been among the top 10 "moved-to" states in the country over that time. What does that mean for you the homeowner, landowner, or investor?

There have been significant increases in property values. Check out the statistics below.

Whether you're seeking a permanent residence, a vacation retreat or a retirement oasis, the warmth of the community and the beauty of the surroundings make it more than just an investment – it's a decision to weave your story into the fabric of a remarkable place.

Average Cullman County home sales 

  • 54% increase in home values in the last five years
  • 2019: $173,741
  • 2023: $267,811

Average Smith Lake waterfront lot price in Cullman County

  • 104% increase in the past five years
  • 2019: $120,495
  • 2023: $246,896

Average price per acre for vacant land in Cullman County (10-plus acre tracts)

  • 204% increase in the past five years
  • 2019: $3,432.18 per acre
  • 2023: $10,454.29 per acre
  • Rolling hills in Cullman
  • Thomas Joiner
  • Smith Lake property is on the rise
  • Melissa Curtis
  • Smith Lake’s emerald green waters are calling

"Like a diamond that is deep, clear and blue, Lewis Smith Lake is one of Alabama’s treasures. Located in Walker, Winston and Cullman counties, this 21,200-acre lake is different than most other Alabama reservoirs. If you typically fish a shallow, stained body of water, then your first trip onto Smith Lake can be intimidating. Watching your depth finder jump to 200-plus feet can leave you feeling lost. However, like most lakes, the majority of bass, bream and crappie fishing is done by casting to the numerous large rocks and fallen trees along the shoreline." (Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)