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Modern Art as an Investment

A conversation with local artist, Melissa Benedek

Ridgefield is home to a prominent modern art museum and notable galleries that display the finest in modern art. We spoke to Ridgefield artist, Melissa Benedek about modern art as an investment. 

Melissa states "If you are looking to  buy a piece of art, and want to know more about the artist,  you can research the Artist's pricing, period of work, other artists from that era that are similar, and/or you can get more information from exhibits and galleries that they’ve been in.' 

1. How did you get your start as an artist

I was always exposed to art and design.  My father owned an Art Gallery in Soho, New York; and my mother was an Art Curator and Interior Designer.  As a child, I went to art school at the age of 13. I was always drawn to colors and design.  I started painting at a young age and it was a wonderful outlet for me. 

2. Your style is quite unique. Is there a name for your art style? How did you develop this technique?

I am an Intuitive Painter, a Contemporary Abstract Artist.   I feel that Art is somewhat magical.  It’s a wonderful release and meditative state for me and I love the feeling of creating. The biggest reward for me, is when the buyer is touched, and moved by a piece that I did, and that it speaks to them. Then I know I accomplished something good.

3. Where are some of your favorite galleries/shows to exhibit? Why?

I show in various galleries and exhibits.  I love showing in Soho, New York, surrounded by prominent galleries, and the city's vibrant art scene.  I also love being part of my community, Ridgefield, Connecticut and various art galleries and art centers throughout Fairfield County.

4. Why do your clients purchase your art - personal connection to it or investment?

I have a range of different collectors.  I have sold to buyers who see my work at a gallery and love it. I have been commissioned many times to create a piece specifically for the buyer. They have the opportunity to pick the color palette and the series that they prefer. I recently was commissioned to do a very large piece for an ABC News anchor, and his wife. That was a thrill!  

5. What Makes Modern Art a Viable Investment?  

Modern/Contemporary Art is an investment for two reasons.  If the Artist is well known, and has a significant following, it is prestigious to own pieces from their collection.  I also think there is another type of investment, meaning investing in yourself, the comfort of your home, and the aesthetic and joy that the painting brings to your home daily.

6. What should buyers look for when assessing the value of a piece?

If they are buying a very expensive piece of art from a well-known artist, chances are, it will be priced accordingly.  They should do their research as far as the pricing of the artist's work, to understand the value of the piece today, and how much the value is likely to appreciate.  Buying an original that is signed by the artist, is the most valuable along with Limited Editions, Embellished Giclees, and Prints.    

Art to me, is not only an investment but a joy to have the opportunity to live with Fine Art that you get to view and experience every day.