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You need a professional résumé writer to make sure your job application stands out in a crowded hiring landscape

Job-hunting today is full of challenges. Many companies are firing and furloughing employees to compensate for business declines. Applicant pools are enormous as newly jobless applicants join those seeking promotions or new opportunities. Thanks to computer scanning, human eyes may never see your pristinely proofread résumé – or it may be discarded as unreadable. Ageism is real; some applications request driver’s license information to surreptitiously determine age. And COVID-19 has added another wrinkle as “WFH,” “RTO,” and “hybrid” make their mark on the hiring scene.

The good news is that finding a job is still possible. Hiring typically picks up at the start of a new year; some companies are posting jobs now, and employers are open to flexible schedules more than they were pre-COVID.

“Your next career move is too important to leave at the mercy of a scanner and outdated ideas about a résumé,” says Mark Misiano, the owner and Certified Professional Résumé Writer at RésuméReady. “You need the support of a professional to guarantee you stand out among an increasingly crowded and competitive hiring landscape.”

RésuméReady’s concierge services include customized résumés and cover letters, LinkedIn profile enhancement, interview preparation, job search support, and career coaching. Mark’s clients are assured that their skills and experience stand out in a format that’s scannable, and he works with industry switchers and older job seekers to help them get noticed.

Clients attest to the value of Mark’s services. “The first organization I sent this résumé to complimented me on its design,” one said. “I ultimately received three job offers using my résumé from RésuméReady!” Said another: “After working with Mark I received immediate traction on my job search, landing an offer within weeks.”

Mark advises job-seekers to network virtually and leverage LinkedIn. “The vast majority of jobs aren’t listed on job boards,” Mark says, “so your best chance of landing a new position is by fostering relationships.”

He also recommends making the most of furlough or work-from-home time to invest in the search process, reaching out to recruiters and researching companies and roles.

“You have to go above and beyond to outshine the competition,” Mark says. “Stand out in the crowd by creating an eye-catching résumé. Move your application to the top of the pile by connecting with hiring managers via email or phone. You can still ‘hit the pavement’ virtually instead of applying online and hoping for an interview.”

Just as you might hire a personal trainer or a financial adviser, engaging an experienced career coach can give you an edge. “Hiring a Certified Professional Résumé Writer through RésuméReady can make the difference between a new job and months of struggle,” Mark says.

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5 Ways to Make Your Résumé Stand Out

1. Add a design element - a border, a muted color, or a personal brand – just don’t be too flashy.

2. Match your skills to the job description. use words and phrases listed as requirements for your desired position.

3. Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities. Don’t outline daily duties; explain how your everyday efforts contributed to the company’s success.

4. Numbers attract the eye. A recruiter will subconsciously devote time to your résumé if there are numbers illustrating the value you’ve brought in your former positions.

5. Clichés don’t set anyone apart. Instead of “good communicator,” for example, substitute “communicated project requirements to 10 managers, resulting in completion of $15M project 1 month early.”

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