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Peaches are a front-porch must

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Investing in yourself, Southern style

A self-care journey in Alabama

Article by Cullman City Lifestyle

Photography by Cullman City Lifestyle

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

In the heart of the South, where the hospitality flows as sweet as the tea, there's a timeless truth – investing in yourself is the key to a fulfilling life. Let's explore how to embrace self-care, self-help and self-love, ensuring a feel-good journey that's distinctly Southern.

Southern charm, skin-deep

  •    Invest in quality makeup and skincare that accentuates your natural beauty.
  •    Don't forget the sunscreen – a Southern belle's secret to radiant and protected skin.
  •    Take a “me” day - visit your local aesthetician and put the glow back in your skin

Tea and good reads

  • Sip on a warm cup of tea as you immerse yourself in the pages of a captivating book.
  • Self-help books add a dash of wisdom and self-discovery to your reading list.
  • Visit your local bookstore and dive into a new book. 

Exercise with a Southern twist

  •  Shake off the stress with a dance to some soulful tunes or join a lively Zumba class.
  •  Embrace the Southern tradition of front-porch yoga for a serene and grounded workout.
  •  Take a morning stroll with a friend and catch up - it is good for the soul(s).

Garden therapy, Southern style

  • Cultivate your green thumb with a backyard garden – a therapeutic escape.
  • Planting flowers and herbs brings not only beauty but a touch of Southern flavor to your surroundings.
  • Pick a boutique and bring it indoors - it will brighten your space but also make you smile seeing it. 

Comfort food, reimagined

  • Treat yourself to soulful, yet nourishing comfort food recipes.
  • Southern cuisine can be both indulgent and health-conscious – find the balance that suits your taste.
  • From fruits, vegetables, biscuits and honey to fried chicken - healthy to fried foods - whatever your heart desires - indulge and enjoy!

Mindful sweet tea sipping

  • Practice mindful moments with a glass of sweet tea on the porch.
  • Savor each sip, relishing the simplicity and warmth of Southern traditions.
  • Iced tea in glass, filled to the rim with ice, with a hint of lemon - that is happiness on a summer’s day. 

Southern hospitality, self-love edition

  • Extend the hospitality you're known for to yourself.
  • Embrace self-love with affirmations, recognizing your worth and embracing yourself
  • Journal and put into words your thoughts, worries and delights for each day.

Porch swing reflections

  • Take a moment on the porch swing to reflect on your journey.
  • Journal your thoughts, dreams and aspirations – a practice as comforting as a summer breeze. 

Southern spa day

  • Create a spa day at home with DIY face masks and soothing delicious scents.
  • Relax, recharge and indulge in the luxury of self-care, right in the comfort of your Southern sanctuary.

 Sunset strolls and self-reflection

  • End the day with a stroll under the Southern sunset.
  • Reflect on your blessings, dreams and the unique charm that investing in yourself brings to your Southern soul.

In the heart of Alabama, investing in yourself isn't just a notion – it's a way of life, rooted in Southern grace and warmth. So, sweet tea in hand, let's embark on a self-care journey that celebrates the charm and resilience that make you distinctly Southern. Here's to investing in the most precious thing of all – you. 

In the heart of Alabama, investing in yourself isn't just a notion – it's a way of life, rooted in Southern grace and warmth. 

  • Tea and a good book!
  • Take a peaceful stroll
  • Fried chicken - a classic comfort food
  • Take a few minutes for yourself!
  • Peaches are a front-porch must

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