Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Parents want to make sure their children have a solid educational foundation prior to kindergarten, knowing that academic rigor begins earlier in elementary school than when they were children. 

In its inaugural year, the Bridge Class at Liberty Christian School presented a solution by offering 5-year-olds a class specifically designed for them, preparing students for academic success in the years to come. 

Principal Tana Smith said, “Children who attend Bridge Class are more likely to acquire the academic skills, confidence, and maturity they need to succeed in school, as students are given the gift of time to develop maturity and kindergarten readiness.”

Bridge Class Highlights 

• Integrates science, technology, engineering, and math into literature-rich lessons 

• Incorporates award-winning children’s literature to engage students in all areas of academic content

• Utilizes guided reading, phonemic awareness, shared reading, and fluency, as well as writing opportunities through a workshop approach

• Involves students in hands-on math experiences to develop number sense and problem-solving skills

• Focuses on growth of fine motor skills like lacing, using scissors, and handwriting

• Provides class social centers to give students time to explore on their own and build friendships

Certified classroom teacher Brenda Craven leads the Bridge Class each day to help build the gifts of her students so that they will excel the next year in kindergarten with confidence and knowledge.

Bridge’s Extracurricular Classes

• Spanish lessons

• Super Science 

• Computer class 

• Music class utilizing voice and instruments

• STEM exploration

• Library visits 

• Daily recess 

Contact Liberty Christian School today at or 940-294-2127 to schedule an initial consultation with Mrs. Smith. 

“This Bridge Class also helps fulfill our school’s mission, to provide a holistic college preparatory education in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment for all of our students, from preschool to high school,” said Mrs. Smith.

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