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Isagenix Eco Mission

The Coover Family's mission to empower families to live their best lives and have a thriving planet to live on

In 2002, successful entrepreneurs Jim and Kathy Coover partnered with formulator John Anderson to create what would become Isagenix; a globally respected and trusted health and wellness company. Although the Coovers were retired from the direct selling industry, they were intrigued by Anderson’s incredible product formulation background. Anderson had found frustration in bringing his products to market, as he did not want to compromise the quality of products due to a yearning for lower cost. After all, maximizing formulation potential directly relates to real results amongst customers. The Coovers appreciated this sentiment, feeling similar unease with direct selling and having a passion for those in the industry to not only love the products, but be able to earn an income from home as well. For them it was all about the people; which led to taking reign as the faces of Isagenix – a company that is focused on its independent distributors, called “associates,” and employees.

Isagenix has grown exponentially since the early 2000s. An expansion into multiple markets translates to a realized mission of ‘impacting world health and freeing people from physical and financial pain’. 

“That statement guides our decision making in all of our executive meetings. We’ve done over 7 billion dollars in cumulative sales as an incredible global brand but we’re just getting started. We offer targeted nutrition designed to nourish and energize the body with nutrient dense superfoods. We want people to have a better relationship with food so we cover all the bases. Isagenix is truly a one stop shop for personalized wellness,” said Isagenix’s Chief Visionary Officer Erik Coover.

Coover shares that along with the Health and Wellness impact Isagenix has on the world, the company is also focused on eco efforts.

“Two years ago we really started to examine our footprint and how to make more sustainable choices in our products, packaging and in the way we approach practices at our world headquarters office in Gilbert.”

Coover notes that the Isagenix team began to tackle large issues one at a time to make a firm impact. 

“We eliminated all plastic water bottles in our Corporate Headquarters, decreasing our purchase of water bottles from 180 thousand per year to zero. We offered employees a reusable hot/cold thermos, and set up refill stations around the office. The employees have their names engraved on the bottles – a special reminder that we are all taking part in helping the earth.” 

Logging sustainable emissions has been another goal for Isagenix in recent years. The installation of solar panels in the headquarters parking lot was completed in 2018 and provides approximately 463 thousand kw hours – enough clean energy to power one fourth of the office’s overall needs. 

“We offer electric vehicle charging stations, and a trip reduction incentive program. Employees who use alternative transportation for their commute each week can turn in paperwork and receive a $25 ride share incentive for the month.”

Isagenix is known for its delicious and nutritious IsaLean meal replacement shakes and bars, so Coover notes that making strides to incorporate plant based formulas and eco-friendly packaging were key. 

“Our #1 seller is our IsaLean Shake and we now offer an alternative plant based IsaLean shake in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. They offer a huge source of protein derived from pea protein and brown rice. We even offer an entirely plant-based option for our newcomer system.”

Coover shared additional efforts, such as Isagenix’s goal of zero waste in product packaging by 2028. “When we launch or revamp products we task our packaging vendors to bring us the most sustainable packaging options out there. Zero waste to us means recyclable, compostable or reusable. That’s our #1 sustainability goal. Most of our packaging is recyclable. With our IsaLean Bars, we are exploring compostable bar film options, and we no longer use plastic shrink wrap in packaging our Chocolate Decadence and Lemon Passion Crunch IsaLean Bars. We were selling 8 million canisters of IsaLean Shakes a year and used virgin plastic canisters which have recently been transitioned to post-consumer recycled plastic canisters -- these come from recycled plastics so no new plastic is being created and you can recycle them again. We are additionally absorbing the cost per unit to help the environment with no customer upcharge. Every month we report to our associates, employees and customers, letting them know how we’re moving closer to our ultimate goal.”

Isagenix recently acquired Zija International, a company that has a 100% plant based product line. “Zija offers incredible products and what attracted us was cultural synergy and the plant based approach.”

Coover feels that having Isagenix’s headquarters in Gilbert is ideal, as the Town’s green efforts blend well with the ideals of the company. 

“When we had our daughter and then with our second who is 8 weeks old, I saw the world differently. We want our kids to have the best life possible and have a thriving earth to live on. We put our headquarters in Gilbert because it’s a youthful, growing area. We’re a family owned company and having the family dynamic amongst our employees as well, aligns perfectly with Gilbert. We want to be an example for other companies in Gilbert, and throughout Phoenix to go green; just as we are inspired by other companies doing even more. Gilbert can be a shining example of what a community can do to be an example in moving toward green efforts.”