It's All About Staging

Super Realtor Ryan Smith Shares Best Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Ryan Smith of Esquire Realty of Oklahoma City knows a thing or two about staging a home for the market, and his knowledge means homes he sells take top price sometimes within days.

Staging is the key to making your home more appealing to buyers and fetching a higher price. Simple changes—like decluttering closets and taking away overly personal items—can make potential buyers more attracted to your home.

"If buyers can see themselves living in your home, that's the important thing. The less a buyer has to do, the higher your home will sell," Ryan says. "You want the buyer to see themselves living there."

Ryan shared his best tips on staging to get the highest price and the quickest sale.

1. Clean and declutter. Clutter takes up valuable storage space. One reason people want a new home is for more storage, so unstuff those closets to give the illusion of space. You want your closets and storage areas to have as much open space as possible with items organized neatly. Cleaning is vital as well. Give your home that spring cleaning, or hire professionals to make sure all the spaces are sparkling and smell nice.

2. Depersonalize your home. Take the big family photo off the mantle and replace it with a mirror or painting. Let buyers see the home as "theirs" instead of "yours." If you have pets, be sure the home doesn't have that "pet smell," and keep pet toys hidden away or put into one single spot. The same goes for kids, Ryan says. People visiting your home expect to see a child's room, but put up the toys and paint over any "artwork" that may be on the walls.

3. Update your furniture and fixtures. Replace old worn furniture and upgrade fixtures like countertops and lighting to "keep up with the Joneses" when it comes to modern styles. Ryan suggests visiting open houses in the area to see what the current styles are and what people are looking for. Brand-new homes are also a good way to explore what the current design styles are.

4. Stick with neutral, earth-toned paint on the walls. Beige, gray, tan and taupe match anything, so don't shock buyers with your bright blue room.

"Staging makes a home sell," Ryan says. "But, also be realistic about what your home's value is. The No. 1 reason a home doesn't sell is that it is listed too high. Just because the home down the street sold for so much doesn't mean yours will. Listen to your realtor. Your realtor is the expert and is truly working on your behalf."

Call Ryan Smith at 405.323.5555.

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