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It's All About the Smile

Studio for Exceptional Dentistry Helps You Look Your Best

Article by Ashley Hamershock

Photography by Mariana Ziegler Photography & Kira Whitney Photography

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

It’s a new year. Maybe it’s time for a new smile.

Could yours use a bit of whitening, brightening, straightening or something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Your smile is the first thing people see – make it dazzle.

It Starts with a Selfie

Getting a consultation has never been easier. Dr. Andrew Hall, owner of the Studio for Exceptional Dentistry, offers complimentary virtual consults.

“Clients can get all their questions answered just by sending me a selfie, telling me what they want to change and I will reply with a personalized video outlining their options and even discuss the cost of each options,” he said. “The idea is to create an easy pathway and complete transparency in the process.”

Simple. Free. No appointment necessary.

Dr. Hall’s personalized videos address concerns, highlight similar cases, give options, and discuss costs.

“The older school of thinking is, well, you’ve got to make an appointment, you’ve got to come into my office, you’ve got to pay me to do this sort of thing,” he said.

Dr. Hall does things differently. His approach is simply to educate potential patients – at their convenience, no strings attached. Then they get to decide if it's the right time and fit.

“It’s very powerful,” he said. “It’s trying to meet patients where they’re at today and it demystifies the entire process.” 

The Impact of a Smile

“A smile makeover can impact someone's life on so many different levels,” Dr. Hall said. “The ability to smile with confidence resonates in all aspects of life. Time and time again, I hear about how this can change someone’s trajectory professionally and personally.”

Professionally, it can mean walking into that important meeting or job interview with a new level of confidence. Personally, one of the first things people notice about another person is their smile.

“This impacts dating, creating new friendships, being comfortable in any social setting,” he said.

The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry recently worked with a patient who had waited six decades to improve his smile. The day after his “smile makeover,” he sent this message to Dr. Hall: "Good morning, you have literally put a smile on my face! I now have to learn how to properly smile while showing my teeth!”

Myriad Options

Gone are the days when the only choice for improving a smile was metal braces.

“There are various ways we can help patients enhance their smiles and thus their confidence,” Dr. Hall said. “It may be just a professional teeth whitening procedure for a whiter and brighter smile, it might be clear aligners that allow us to straighten crooked teeth without brackets and wires.”

And the most common smile-enhancing procedure he does? Porcelain veneers. This is the use of porcelain laminates to create ideal size, shape and color. A great smile makeover “recipe” for many is to simply place veneers on the upper front 8-10 teeth, he said.

Other Services

Looking for other dental services? The Studio does regular checkups, root canals, gum disease treatment, dentures, white fillings, bonding, bridges, implants, same-day crowns, Botox and more—nearly all in house. 

“We want people to realize we are there for them and that we do things differently,” Dr. Hall said. “If they are interested in learning more about their options, we try to make this process as easy as possible.”

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