It's All About You

Turk Interiors Helps Clients Find their Inner Style

Thinking about remodeling? Turk Interiors can help.

“I usually start off with how do they want the space to feel when it’s finished?” said owner and lead designer Tricia Turk.

Comfortable? Sophisticated? Tailored?

Even if clients don’t know exactly what their style is called, they typically know how they want their space to feel. Once Turk gets a general idea, she can help them decide how it should look. Perhaps casual farmhouse. Or eclectic. Or mid-century boho.

It’s All In the Details

Then, it’s time to dive into the details: the colors, fabrics and textures.

“Sometimes, they don’t think about how they want to sit in a couch,” Turk said.

Do you like firmer or softer or firmer cushions? High back or low? Are you a feet-on-the-ground sitter or do you like to nest with your feet tucked up next to you on the sofa? If you’re not sure, a Turk designer will accompany you on a “sit test” to figure it out.

You Do You

Turk’s most important piece of guidance when considering a remodel?

“Try not to follow the trends,” she said. “Your style should be your style – not a Pinterest board. Pinterest is great for inspiration. … It’s not a blueprint. It’s OK to infuse your own aesthetic–your own history and pieces that reflect you.

Turk recently worked with a couple who redid their dining room. Their style is traditional, Turk said. But in their case, traditional definitely didn’t mean boring. They chose green wallpaper, a blue ceiling, blue draperies and a sprawling rug that drew those vibrant colors together.

“Most people probably wouldn’t go that bold,” Turk said. “As traditional as they are, they like color.”

The final result? Stunning.

Patience, Grasshopper

You haven’t taken a proper vacation in over a year. You’ve looked at your same walls every day. You’re ready for a change. Excellent!

One quick word of caution, though. Approach your remodel with realistic expectations–especially with the delays in various supply chains and shipping industrywide.

Items that two years ago would have been delivered within a month are now taking two to three months. Some fabrics are out of stock or out of production. A foam shortage has slowed furniture production. A truck driver shortage has affected delivery times. In other words, a little flexibility will go a long way, Turk said.

“Nothing would make us more happy than to have things in stock and have them available in a timely manner,” she said. “We don’t like to disappoint people.”

But that end product? It's worth the wait.

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