It’s Annual Health Checkup Time

Advice Editorial: How To Make Sure Physical Bases Are Covered

Every year, most people see their physician for an annual checkup; doctors monitor and manage patients' medical health: blood pressure, weight, medical issues and medications. When patients have an annual checkup with a physical therapist, we focus on physical health: balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, posture and ability to move and do the things they love.

Managing both of these health care areas is key to staying healthy and active.

Similar to a physician's checkup, a physical therapy checkup identifies issues early, so they can be addressed right away. A physical therapy checkup is recommended for people who're having trouble doing things they enjoy doing: playing with grandchildren, gardening, golfing or traveling. Also, for those having trouble doing things they need to do: getting mail, taking out trash, going up/down stairs, doing laundry or grocery shopping. Checkups are especially for those who aren’t as steady on their feet anymore, and are nervous about having a fall.

If we uncover major issues during checkups, we may recommend physical therapy. If only minor issues are identified, then we can help patients update their fitness routines.

Dr. Beth Templin, PT, DPT, GCS, is a leading geriatric physical therapist in St. Louis.


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