It's Getting Hot in Here

HVAC tips from a local expert to stay cool this summer

It is almost that time of year when we say goodbye to spring and welcome summer. Locals enjoy what little remains of the cool weather just before temperatures rise upwards to 110 degrees on an average sunny summer afternoon. The days of spending most of our time taking in the fresh spring air become limited, and we inch closer towards spending the majority of time indoors, sipping on an ice-cold drink. And while we spend our summer in the paradise of our nicely air-conditioned homes, there is one nearby appliance that is perhaps the hardest at work—our home air conditioning system. Unfortunately, at the most unexpected times, there can be trouble in paradise.

Luckily, there are professionals like locally owned and family-operated business Sierra Air Conditioning and Heating Experts to save the day when our unit blows its last bit of cool air. Sierra Air Conditioning and Heating Experts has provided air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services to the Las Vegas Valley for more than 30 years. They have seen countless situations in which families are left without air conditioning in their homes during the time of year when cool air is crucial to those living in a desert climate. As a result, they know all the tips and tricks on maintaining your HVAC unit to avoid any catastrophes.

1.       Look at your filters

Your HVAC system has a filter, and like all other filters, they need replacing. Not replacing your filters can directly impact the performance of your system. Take a look at your unit to determine what kind of filter it needs, and consider the recommended replacement instructions.

2.       Consider your lifestyle

Everyone's lifestyle is different, and it is imperative to consider your lifestyle when it comes to the maintenance of your unit. External elements like living near a construction site or an area with a lot of dust or having your doors and windows open for extended periods can also impact the integrity and performance of your system.

3.       Program your thermostat

Most do not realize their thermostats are programmable, and if your HVAC system does not have a programmable thermostat, they are easy to acquire. Be sure to program your home's thermostat with your lifestyle and particular unit in mind, and you will reap the longevity benefits.

4.       Set a schedule

Use the technology of your thermostat to put your unit on a schedule. Set a thermostat schedule based on the times you will be out or arriving home to have constant control and consistent usage of your system. Most importantly, take advantage of the cost-saving abilities.

5.       Set aside time for maintenance

Be sure to set aside time to have your HVAC system regularly maintained, at least once a year. Preventative maintenance will lessen the likelihood of your system failing and leaving you and your family without air conditioning in the desert heat. Maintenance can also help keep system issues at a low and save you more money down the line.

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