It's Spring!

Let us tell you about plants that thrive and flourish in Florida's often challenging environment

Article by Showcase Properties of North Central Florida

Photography by Showcase Properties of North Central Florida

Originally published in Gainesville City Lifestyle

It’s Spring! You’re probably thinking of what you want to plant in the yard that will thrive and flourish in Florida’s often challenging environment. We’ve got some native plant suggestions that are absolute warriors at withstanding the steady sun, humidity, and drought of our home state, plus which have the added bonus of being incredibly self-sufficient, forgiving, and native to the region:

Firebush - With bright flowers and bulletproof constitution, this plant attracts birds, butterflies and bees. Practically impervious to elemental challenge once it’s settled in. Flowers from late spring until frost. 

Beautyberry - Known as American Mulberry, it will bloom pale lavender flowers and vibrant purple fruits to attract birds. 

Coral Honeysuckle - Also known as Trumpet Honeysuckle, this gorgeous vine produces bright red tubular flowers through spring and summer and attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. 

Yucca - Tough and visually striking with beautiful white blossoms, the Yucca is great for accent or focus points with its dramatic, sturdy flair. 

Muhly Grass - This easily grown ornamental grass makes fluffy pink, purple, and white flower stalks up to 2-3 feet, with a feathery texture that produces a dreamy ambiance that adds depth and texture. 

Passion Flower -  Unique and eye-catching, the deceptively delicate perennial can conquer even the driest Florida summer with flowering indigo and purple vines. 

Visit our blog for more details about these plants and how to choose and care for them: Showcase Ocala Native Florida Plants . 

Happy Spring and Happy Planting!

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