It's Your HEYDAY

Pioneering Local, Size Inclusive Fashion

For Fort Collins Lifestyle editorial coordinator Jahna Eichel and HEYDAY founder Jennifer Little, size inclusivity is more than a hot button marketing catchphrase. It's is more than just a few thoughtful sentiments; it's about talking the talk and walking the walk.

Jen and HEYDAY are doing just that. After countless social campaigns started extending their sizing in late 2018 without offering enough options for every shopper, the company brainstormed on the needs of the community, and Jen went to work on curating extended sizes and new brands. HEYDAY's new pieces are exactly what we've been waiting for—without losing the aesthetic and local boutique-style we've all grown to love so much. 

Thought leaders in the plus-size fashion world confirm that there are, in fact, many examples of brands claiming to embrace the plus-size market but not fully walking the walk. This doesn’t just apply to sizing but also to marketing and merchandising. But it’s not all doom and gloom—we as consumers have a lot of power to change things, and evolution is already starting to occur. There is money to be made in inclusive fashion—67% of women in the U.S. are a size 14 or higher.

Real inclusivity extends to the marketing as well as the availability of the products. By showing body types that match those who purchase the capsule, HEYDAY is truly reflecting the body-positive ethos we just can't get enough of. 

“HEYDAY exists to provide joy, confidence and inspiration to our customers and team while making people’s lives better through our happy, playful aesthetic and incredible customer service experience where we connect and engage in meaningful, uplifting and real conversations.”

Those are words that Jennifer Little and her husband, Ryan, have lived by and that their clients have experienced since they created the foundation of HEYDAY in 2015. 

HEYDAY Fort Collins, 1939 Jessup Drive, Suite #130, Fort Collins
KNAPSACK Fort Collins, 1927 Jessup Drive, Fort Collins
HEYDAY Dairy Block, 1825 Blake St., Suite 110, Denver

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