IV Treatments Signal a New Wave of Wellness

Boost Your Energy, Sharpen Your Senses & Slow Down Aging

According to many studies, over 75% of Americans are not properly hydrated. There are a myriad of reasons for this, from people working out and not replenishing their fluids sufficiently, to the processing of our foods removing vitamins and minerals, to the elderly not getting enough water to avoid overnight bathroom runs. And, let’s face it — many of us either forget to drink enough water or just don’t know the proper amount they need to drink every day.

And it’s been this way for years.

To combat this, there’s a treatment option that’s gaining traction that can create some life-changing results, simply by adding things that are typically missing from most Americans’ wellness habits. It comes in the form of customized nutritional IV sessions.

Dr. Henry Madalian is a proponent of this groundbreaking practice. His Wayne office, Madalian Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, launched their “Liquid IV Lounge” as a serene oasis for their clients. This boutique spa-like experience was created just this year by their Nurse Practitioner, Shellinie Muneshwar.

These aren’t some new trendy fix, like getting a cleanse from a new juice bar. These science-backed treatments are only done here if they’re medically necessary, determined by an initial examination process. An in-office blood analysis assesses exactly what’s missing and what the most impactful mix would be for each patient. Thankfully, most insurance plans will pay for it for those who need it.

From a practical perspective, the medical reasons for using drip treatments are because it’s a fast delivery system and allows complete absorption, precisely mixed for each individual. But adherents will tell you that their reasons for taking the IV are for their ability to quickly give you increased energy, a recharge for your mind and rehydration for  your body. Their lasting impact is what it provides for sustained wellness: a better chance to fight sickness and stay healthy, as well as a really big one: slowing down aging.

Dr. Madalian has seen how these things support the person’s sustained wellness and their immediate impact, as well as a belief in their extended restorative, regenerative effects. The science is there. “I see that this is the future for medicine,” he avows.

This is not an untested theory for the editorial staff here at Wayne Lifestyle. Our publisher, Phil Barone, swears by this treatment. 

“My day is long. I get up early to get my kids ready, get right to work, then have events to attend most nights. Then I go back home and answer emails. Since starting with the IV treatments, my ability to get started in the morning has vastly improved, and my energy to keep going and getting the things I need to get done is far better. All I can tell you is this: they work.”

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