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Red Iron Ramblers

Jacob Williams And Mike Major Have Crossed Paths For A Reason

It’s a funny thing when fate goes to work on constructing a plan. Imagine two young boys living two separate and different lives in distant parts of the South. Despite not knowing each other growing up, Jacob Williams and Mike Major, both have characteristics similar to you and any kid you grew up with that blared AC/DC music out of their trucks on their way to the field house in their hometowns. You know the kind, their boyish grins could get them out of any trouble they could find, yet, both had grandparents, dear to their hearts, who served as their moral compass.

Jacob and Mike are just good, All American young men whose families gave them a sense of integrity, balance and hard work from an early age. It seems they’d do anything they could to help even a stranger in need. They’re both hard workers and have taken their post-college careers seriously, having an appreciation for making an honest living. With that said, don’t dare be fooled. These guys love to have a good time, too. The good time for Jacob Williams started in TontiTown, Arkansas, while Mike Majors claims Tulsa, Oklahoma, as his home.

So how did these two end up at The Gin in Prosper? It’s nothing short of fate, raw talent and pure music. These two met while working together at Crossland Construction, and it just so happened that their love of having fun, making music and playing the songs we all grew up with makes for a pretty incredible Saturday night. 

Most guys their age bask in the attention of the girls that show up to a gig played by guys that look like they do. “Although that may be a plus,” they laugh as they tell of the real reasons they’re now at home on a stage: “For some performers, it’s all about the girls, for us it’s all about playing music." 

These two say they agree, if they can play the music they love and get their minds off of their worries, they’ve had a good night whether they’ve played for a full house or only a few. When they aren’t playing, they’re both busy making a living. 

Performing as a hobby for Jacob began when his Grandmother Mickey Jensen paid for his first guitar lesson which has proven to be a good investment. He recalls jamming out with his dad to Van Halen and Led Zeppelin and fell in love with live music when his mother took him to George’s Majestic Lounge, the longest-running live music venue in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Learning new songs to play for friends growing up, like Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show and anything by Kenny Chesney are some of his favorite memories. 

Once, when Mike was 10 years old, his dad had heard that Ted Nugent was playing at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and simply looked at his boy and said,” Let’s Go!” They did and that 10-year-old boy taught himself to play the guitar, piano and drums. 

One day when he was toying around singing and playing, his grandad, who was a no-nonsense farmer and factory worker, listened on the other side of the door, walked in and said, “You know, I think you’re good enough to be a professional musician." That was all he needed to hear to keep on dreaming, as that meant everything coming from him, he recalls.

Who knows why we cross paths with the people that we do? These two have definitely made the most of the similarities in goals and talents that they share, and with that, The Red Iron Ramblers were born. Two guys that act like brothers but who are from two completely different mothers, both born into hard-working families that planted the seed of following their dreams at an early age. Most of us have probably stood proudly with a lighter in a room full of strangers at a concert and listened to a song that made us all feel like we were part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s a place where dreams are born and songs are imprinted on our hearts as memories. 

They both agree that playing gigs are easier than they originally thought. Jacob says they’re just learning as they go and are proud of how far they’ve come. They were invited to play at the Crossland Construction Christmas party and they agreed to do it just for fun. What happened there launched them to a different comfort level of performance as they were met with complete
support and astounding praise. They also played at The Red Door in Tulsa where all of their friends and family showed up and the two just blew everyone away with their performance. 

Since then, they’ve been invited to play at many top-name venues in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and the list isn't likely to stop there.

For those who enjoy New Age Red Dirt Music, or the sounds of Morgan Wallen, The Turnpike Troubadours, Zac Bryan or Chris Stapleton, you will be taken away by The Red Iron Ramblers.

Jacob and Mike are two guys making a living while following their dreams and making the most of the unexpected paths they cross.