Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas Customer Appreciation Events Like No Other

Drivers push their vehicles to the limit at exclusive events

Watching the red light, both hands gripping the steering wheel, anticipating the moment when the light changes and you are off. Right foot shoving the accelerator into the floor, eyes darting from road to instruments, ears hearing the engine’s melody as it races through the gears. Waiting for the turn, holding speed until the last possible second, holding, holding, keep holding … and release.

This is the Jaguar Las Vegas Driving Event, where Jaguar Las Vegas shows its operators how to push their vehicles to the limits of what they and their vehicles are capable of. The company is confident that as its operators drive any of its “blisteringly-quick vehicles,” that they will experience sensations that will stay with them forever. Jaguar Las Vegas also believes that when a person joins the Jaguar Las Vegas family, they will be embraced with the art of pulse-racing performance. That is why customers that have purchased or leased a vehicle from Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas are invited to complimentary and exclusive customer events held every six months.

Rick Nelson, who manages the events for Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas said, “Since we began selling Jaguars, we have held complimentary customer events. The Jaguar Driving Events really show off how sophisticated these vehicles are. The Jaguar has a long and rich racing heritage, and it still runs strong in the DNA.

We are always doing something exciting for our customers, including a day at the track where our customers get to clock some quality driving time with professional racing instructors on an actual racetrack.”

Findlay’s Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas provides a similar driving experience for its Land Rover operators. Through various driving programs like Land Rover’s Las Vegas “WHEELS” Events – a dealership-guided off-road excursion – Land Rover owners learn how to navigate their Land Rover in a variety of terrains and situations. The goal is to help drivers gain confidence and courage to embrace whatever terrain lies ahead. Land Rover, known for its high-quality driving refinement, remains the most capable SUV in the world with a proud history of bold evolution on its iconic designs and unparalleled abilities. In discussing the “WHEELS” Event, Nelson said, “On our dealership-guided off-road excursions, we take our Land Rover owners to long-forgotten ghost towns or trails that have challenging terrain while learning about Southern Nevada’s rich history.”

Whether it is the sexiness of the Jaguar or the rugged sophistication of Land Rover, Findlay’s Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas family is proud of their vehicles as well as the care they provide for their loyal customers. Nelson said, “It’s part of who we are.”

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