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January Book Picks

Being Mortal

By Atul Gawande

How do you want the end of your life handled? Have you thought about life-extending technologies that may be used? In what cases would you want to be put on a ventilator? Do your loved ones know what your choices are? Being Mortal tackles these difficult topics and how you can prepare for the deaths of those around you as well as your own. 

The Plant Paradox

by Steven R Gundry, MD

A thought-provoking book that looks at foods available in the United States. It begs the question, "Are these foods as healthy as we think?" 

The Obesity Code

Jason Fung, MD

A different way of looking at how to lose weight. It challenges what has been taught about weight loss for decades and teaches what does work and why. 

The Book With No Pictures

by  B.J. Novak

This book helps kids learn that reading is fun! Parents must help them use their imaginations and figure out what words and sounds can mean. 

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

by Dusti Bowling

Aven Green loves to make up stories about how her arms were flattened by a train, burned off in a fire, or torn off by an alligator. She was actually born without them. When she moves to Arizona for her father's job, she finds Conner, another student who feels isolated because of his disabilities. Together, they find a secret room with a mystery to solve. 

This is a great book for middle schoolers!

What Alice Forgot

by Liane Moriarty

Alice wakes up and finds that 10 years have passed, and she can't remember anything past 29. She has to piece together her life based on the stories of those around her. 

This was one of my favorite reads of 2023. A great mix of thought-provoking ideas and a story you can get lost in!

The Walking Drum

by Louis L'Amore

Adventurer Mathurin Kerbouchard must locate and rescue his father, who had been captured at sea. He journeys across 12th-century Europe and sees all facets of life throughout the countries.

The Last of the Breed

by Louis L'Amore

U.S. Air Force Major Joe Mack's aircraft is forced down in Russia. He escapes a Soviet prison camp and must rely on the ancient skills of his ancestors to survive the wilderness and find and cross the Bering Strait to make it back to America.