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Dr. Jensen and his Friendly, Caring and Professional Team!

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Jensen Orthodontist Arts – Excellent Customer Service Beyond Satisfaction

One Size Does Not Fit All – Finding Out What Is Right For Each Individual

Article by Michelle Smith and Alexis Jacobs

Photography by Rhonda Smiga and Dr. Doug Jensen

Originally published in McKinney & Prosper Lifestyle

We live in a world where “free consultations” and a promise for a beautiful smile are on every corner, billboard, and social media ad. So where do you go to look for someone who will truly care about you and your family? I can tell you it’s not by clicking ads for a free consultation on Facebook! How do I know? Because, just like you, I have been there.

After two years of searching for a dental professional that cared enough to listen to my concerns and needs, I finally gave up. That is—until I walked into Dr. Jensen’s office. I could sense there was something different as soon as I entered the reception area. His team members were kind, attentive, and knowledgeable.  The reception area walls were decorated with a beautiful butterfly collection provided by Dr. Jensen’s wife, Cherie. The atmosphere was very warm and inviting. Dr. Jensen walked out, shook my hand, and greeted me with a genuine smile.  After a thorough discussion, it was easy to see he truly loves what he does.  His professional hallmark is that he understands the very complexities of my dental concerns but is able to convey that to me in clear, simple terms with sincerity and honesty. He understands and knows my case and each case.  His patients are not just a number, but rather people that he truly invests in.

Dr. Jensen is not only an orthodontist but is also a prosthodontist. What’s the difference you ask?  Well, best I can articulate is that an orthodontist is a specialist in the biomechanics of tooth movement, while a prosthodontist is a specialist who reconstructs worn, broken or missing teeth—unlike any regular dentist. But the two specialties blend together quite nicely in creating super smiles and functionally balanced teeth.

Initially, Dr. Jensen received his dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry. At that point, he could have opened a practice and gone to work, but he could see he had only scratched the surface and was instead determined to set himself apart. His specialist training began with prosthodontics at UT San Antonio, where he was a resident for three years.  This was high-level training that taught complex treatment planning and refined hand skills. During this residency, Dr. Jensen took on complicated interdisciplinary patients which often required orthodontics as part of their plan.  He then undertook another residency in orthodontics, becoming the first dual specialist in prosthodontics and orthodontics to ever graduate from UT San Antonio. He is currently one of only a handful of these “aardvarks” in North America with dual certificates in both specialties.

Dr. Jensen is a board-certified orthodontist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics—a voluntary distinction that is only achieved by 25 percent of practicing orthodontists. His accolades include Patients’ Choice Award Winner and D Magazine best dentist multiple years running.  He is also recognized for his charity work with Smiles Change Lives program. Family, community, and church are all of paramount importance to Dr. Jensen.  He is service-oriented, hands-on, and passionate about life.  He has been in private practice for 15 years.

Interestingly, while Dr. Jensen was in college at BYU he minored in the Korean language. He took a break from college and his own pursuits and served among the Korean people in Korea as a missionary for two years.  A year and a half of that time was spent among the Korean deaf people, where he had to master Korean sign language to be able to communicate.  It was there he gained a new respect for people from faraway lands, their language, their customs, and the reality that there are different cultures who look at the world differently than we do in America.  This taught him a unique perspective on people.

As a matter of other interests, Dr. Jensen enjoys photography and even offers one-on-one photoshoots with his patients. Many of these faces are on display in his office.  As a teenager he really loved aviation and wanted to become a pilot.  He earned his license when he was seventeen.  Obviously, he went a different route for a career, but he still stays current and flies today.  His mother was a piano teacher and taught him to play at a young age.  He makes time to practice nearly daily and is sometimes asked to play for various reasons in church.  He even sings with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras (MCO), an organization whose purpose is to soften hearts, improve lives, and unite communities across America by creating beautiful sacred and classical music that praises God.  He has performed in the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas and even in Carnegie Hall in New York. 

Dr. Jensen lives in Prosper and places strong importance on family and people. He believes when he is home it should be about home. When he and his daughter Liberty spend time together, he is quick to put away electronics so he can focus on the time they spend together doing home projects and the like.  He says that finding a work/home balance can be challenging, but that “people business” should take precedent over nearly everything else in life.

It is easy to see certificate credentials on the wall and think they’re all the same, but we rarely get a glimpse of the person behind the credentials which would set him apart. Dr. Jensen is the real deal. Patients have moved from thousands of miles away to receive his care.  You too are sure to observe all the skill, passion, and honesty that inspired me to put my trust in his care for my family.

3595 S Custer Rd #200, McKinney, TX 75070, (214) 842-8106

  • Dr. Doug Jensen
  • Dr. Jensen and his Friendly, Caring and Professional Team!
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  • Dr. Jensen, Wife Cherie, and Daughter Liberty and Sweet Penny.