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Jet away with Jett Aircraft

Where comfort meets convenience

Picture an airport journey devoid of stress. No long lines, no rush against time, no security hassles, and no disruptive children kicking your chair. In place of typical airport atrocities, envision having everything you desire right at your fingertips: Custom catering, a personal concierge, seamless car-to-jet service, and beyond! All it takes is to inform the concierge of your preferences. If only such a haven existed...

Now that you’re hooked, this paradise DOES exist with Jett Aircraft. Lance Creamer, founder & CEO, began as a hobbyist pilot in the 80’s, and founded Jett Aircraft (named after his cherished grandson) in 2011. Lance recognized that Jett Aircraft might not be the first of its kind, but it could strive to be the very best.

He wanted to model the aircraft after a black stallion, renowned for its elegance, swiftness, and strength. Recognizing the parallels between stallions and the aircraft he pilots, his vision was inspired. In favor of anonymity, each plane is mysteriously referred to as "Darkhorse," without disclosing passenger details.

The Jett experience is unmatched. Every passenger receives personalized attention, with the repeat customers' preferences being meticulously honored on every journey. For instance, one passenger consistently boards with his preferred ice-cold beer in hand. Even the pups are well taken care of, with a “bark box” complete with dog treats galore. Lance's aim isn't to become the largest charter operator, as preserving the authentic bond with each client is paramount.

In the near future, Jett plans on expanding its list of destinations, aiming to include Mexico by the end of summer. Additionally, there's anticipation surrounding the introduction of a thrilling new aircraft to the fleet — keep an eye out for the Citation-X. If you're seeking a seamless, hassle-free travel experience, soar away with Jett.

“We can't be first in the industry, but we can be the best” -Lance Creamer 

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