John Jones– Entrepreneur, Visionary, Problem Solver

“A Giver–That’s How I Want to Be Known”

2008– the housing bubble popped, leaving many Americans in default of loans and in threat of foreclosure. It was a tough time for the real estate industry, homeowners, and banks, and yet, John Jones launched John Jones Real Estate, LLC in the midst of the mess. 

John’s plans for his company centered around autonomy and opportunity– to create growth through technology and marketing and further develop the team concept he had begun to implement at his former company.  His vision did not include opening a company in one of the biggest financial debacles in American history, but there he found himself. He realized he was left with the choice of caving to fear or getting up and going to work, committing to learn a new way of doing business.

He made the choice. Forced into creativity, Jones surrounded himself with people he trusted and got busy reading, learning, and listening to others he respected. This growth mindset changed everything for John, and a whole lot for the real estate community in Rutherford County. Even today, his business theory centers on the same ideas that it did then– of continuing to keep his foot on the gas and search for new ways to execute deals. He is passionate about books and staying connected to those who are a few steps ahead of him, firmly believing that he is the average of the five people he is around most.  

Many of the real estate greats in Rutherford County give John credit for being their greatest teacher. When asked about this, John admitted that years ago, when he would train an agent and they would strike out to implement their own autonomy and opportunity, he was hurt by it; but with maturity has come to see it as a great compliment. He learned long ago that sitting in victimhood does not move one forward, and that “growing people up is the way it is supposed to go.”  

Jones begins every morning with three things: a time of thankfulness, affirmation, and writing notes to those whom he appreciates– practices that set him up for how he ultimately wants to live.  When asked if he would like to be remembered as founder and president of JJRE, visionary, friend, teacher, leader, learner, or follower, he settled back and smiled, thoughtfully considering each title. After a minute, John leaned back in, armed with his characteristic intensity and enthusiasm, and proclaimed, “A giver– that’s how I want to be known.”

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