John Thomas Jewelers

A custom symbol of your love

John Thomas Jewelers in Uptown Albuquerque has received many accolades for its custom-designed jewelry. Local consumers have voted them the best jewelry store in the city for three years. Instore Magazine, a trade publication of the American jewelry business, named them “one of the top ten coolest jewelry stores in the country.” Their exponential growth has more than doubled their floor space since opening their shop in 2013, and they have been the fastest-growing jeweler in New Mexico for the last three years.

Owner John Thomas told us some of the factors behind the growth. He says, “There are many reasons for our unprecedented growth. It’s our in-house capabilities that give the customer more gem and design options that can be previewed in real-time…it’s our access to diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, that provides us with better quality at better prices…and it’s our business model that gives the customer more value for their budget.”

Engagement and wedding rings have substantial emotional importance; many couples have concrete ideas of what they want in the design. John uses modern technology to show the customer exactly what their finished custom jewelry will look like.

After the customer has expressed their desired design, the in-house master jeweler creates a 3D computer-aided drawing (CAD) image of the ring. The customer views the image on a large computer screen and can also see what the ring will look like on their hand. The master jeweler can alter the image as needed to meet the customer's expectations.

Once the customer is pleased with the design, the store’s 3D printer fabricates a three-dimensional model they can try on for a realistic preview of their ring. Applying 3D technology to the design process allows the customer to preview and approve the design before committing financially.

Another factor in John Thomas Jewelers’ success is their diamond-buying trips to Antwerp. John told us, “Eighty-five percent of the world’s diamond business goes through Antwerp. These diamonds are of higher quality, color, size, and clarity. We often find a customer a much bigger, higher quality diamond that still fits within their budget.” John and his wife, Janelle, make two trips a year to the diamond cutters in Belgium, ensuring better quality and prices are passed onto the consumer.

Lastly, John Thomas Jewelers’ unique business model contributes to their growth. The store is in an office building adjacent to Uptown's leading retail shop area, providing customers with a more intimate and attentive service than a busy and congested retail environment. There is a refined and professional ambiance within the store. The non-retail space also lowers the operating overhead, a savings they pass on to their customers, and allows them to provide a free nationwide warranty on their rings. The nationwide warranty stays with a ring even if, for example, a couple moves out of the area or the store carrying the warranty closes. Most jewelers charge extra for a nationwide warranty. They also provide one year of free insurance on the piece.

John Thomas Jewelers is located at 2440 Louisiana Blvd NE, Suite 310. Their phone number is 505.342.9200, and their website is

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