Josh and John's

Homemade Ice Cream at Its Best

What makes ice cream so good?

Is it the sweet, creamy texture or the endless flavors to entice the pallet? Maybe it's the happy memories like those post-dinner, summer bike rides to the local ice cream shop with the Colorado sunset in tow?

Whatever the reason, the homemade-style ice cream at Josh and John’s Ice Cream Shop isn’t just a treat, it’s an experience. As I stroll through downtown Colorado Springs savoring a giant scoop of the Pikes Peak-inspired flavor Purple Mountain Majesty, I couldn’t agree more.

Josh and John’s boutique feel and high-quality standards have made it a true Colorado Springs gem. In fact, many of their flavors are inspired by Colorado, and there’s a great story behind each one. Yet, creative flavors aren’t the only thing that makes Josh and John’s a community treasure. Their ice cream is made through a one-of-a-kind process that’s popular on the east coast, but unique to Colorado. Custom freezers are inspired by old hand-turns that churn locally sourced cream at a glacial pace to ensure their ice cream is the creamiest, smoothest and richest ice cream imaginable.

Even better? Josh and John’s continues to evolve from when they first opened their doors 35 years ago. J&J masterminds are constantly refining their process and innovating new Colorado-themed flavors to melt in your mouth, while maintaining the quality that has kept their ice cream unrivaled.

Licked from a cone or enjoyed from a bowl, there’s no question that Josh and John’s crafts ice cream like no other. Whether you’re a Colorado native or new to town, nothing will satisfy your Colorado Springs summer more than celebrating the end of a bike ride down the Santa Fe Trail with a giant scoop of Rocky Mountain Road.

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