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Carol Pamperin with her nieces

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'Jouez,' the French verb 'to play,' embodies a unique collection of wearable art including rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces

The Jouez collection features tennis, golf and pickleball inspired jewelry, and now, the “Jouez Sport” line, which fits all tastes. One-of-a-kind designs incorporate 925 silver, Italian leather, and a variety of black onyx, blue, white and pink topaz stones.  Each piece is handcrafted by an artisan on the Island of Bali.  To see more jewelry and to order: www.

I love unique jewelry, but Jouez takes that to the next level, combining original designs with my love for golf! I love Carol’s passion and can’t wait for her new collection!
Austin Dunkum
Senior Medical Sales Rep

Aunt Carol’s journey began with a dream and jewelry sketches, which blossomed into Jouez. She is an amazing businesswoman, but an even kinder person, friend, and community member.
Megan Ashby
High School Dean of Students

I love this jewelry for its uniqueness and versatility. Carol puts love into every piece and has a passion for the art. Jouez is for any person who wants to feel fab’!
Caroline Ashby
Respiratory Sales Specialist

  • Austin Dunkum  and Megan Ashby
  • Carol Pamperin with her nieces
  • Caroline Ashby and Carol Pamperin