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Fresh Harvest - delivered from the farm, to your door

Fresh Harvest, the farm-passionate, Georgia-grown company celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, provides home delivery of local, organic produce and groceries throughout Atlanta. The company makes an incredible impact on Atlanta’s food community. Last year, they spent $4.2 million dollars buying from local farmers and artisans, totaling nearly 200,000 deliveries of fresh food directly to homes throughout the city. 

"For years, Fresh Harvest has been a weekly staple for our household. Not only do we get our pick of fresh, locally grown produce and other products, but it is delivered right to our doorstep. It has also expanded our family’s menu by trying out different recipes Fresh Harvest provides too! Making changes to our order is extremely convenient and they have incredible customer service," says one happy Johns Creek customer.  

Fresh Harvest was brought to life when founder Zac Harrison found himself on a cross-country motorcycle trip that landed him on an organic farm to visit his cousin. After returning home, he founded the company in an effort to recreate the connection to local food and agriculture that he'd experienced on the farm. Based in Clarkston, GA, the company offers customizable baskets of fresh produce, meats and dairy available to be delivered directly to customers' doors via subscription service. A loyal partner to an ever-growing list of local farmers, Fresh Harvest provides customers with a weekly update of available produce and other grocery products, where they can pick from a variety of categorized baskets (available in sizes ranging from small to XL) and further customize with their favorite snacks, prepared foods, bakery items, pantry staples, dairy products, meat, seafood, beverages and even health and home products.

Today, the company has evolved into a full-fledged feeding machine, with every purchased basket benefiting the growth and continued support of local farmers and artisans. Over 80% of what Fresh Harvest buys throughout the year is grown within 70 miles of Atlanta, and the company also hosts weekly “Share the Harvest” Markets – an idea that first began as a means to share food with a few specific families that has since transformed into a subsidized market selling the same local, organic produce customers receive in their baskets at a level that makes it fully accessible to those around us. 

In addition to the brand’s outstanding commitment to food sourcing and its sustainable farming & identity, Fresh Harvest is equally as passionate about creating jobs for its Clarkston community, which has been touted as "the most diverse square mile in America" by BBC News and is home to refugees from all over the world. 75% of the company’s staff are refugees from the neighboring area, several of whom have acquired full citizenship while working at Fresh Harvest. 

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