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Flowing with Local Flavor: Discover the Treasures of Blue River Traders

Exploring Blue River Traders is a journey into a world of unique, handcrafted items. This charming store in east Manhattan offers an array of artisanal goods that reflect the rich, Western heritage of Kansas, and the creative spirit of the Flint Hills region.

The story of Blue River Traders begins with Manhattan native Ron Feldkamp and his wife, Marilyn. In the late 80s, Ron was crafting rustic, handmade furniture and wholesaling it from Kansas to the Mexico border. When the opportunity for a storefront arose, they opened their first store, The Front Porch, in the Manhattan Town Center in 2004. Nearly a decade later, Blue River Traders was born at the corner of Marlatt and Tuttle Creek Blvd in 2013. Then a year ago, the store moved to its current, 4,000-square-foot location in the McCall Triangle at 925 Enoch Ln.

From the moment you first step inside Blue River Traders, you’re greeted by an overwhelming sense of home. There's an eclectic mix of handmade woodwork, home décor, jewelry, textiles, yard art, and Vietnamese pottery. The store’s rustic-yet-cozy ambiance invites you to take your time meandering through the shelves. Browse through treasures like intricately designed earrings, beautifully glazed ceramic bowls, handwoven crafts and candles.  

The most unique aspect of Blue River Traders is their custom furniture process. They can custom-tailor nearly any furniture piece—beds, credenzas, bookcases, cabinets, tables, desks, and even saddle racks. The process involves selecting your preferred lumber type, size, finish, & colors.

Whether you're a townie, or just passing through, a visit to Blue River Traders is a delightful way to experience the creativity and craftsmanship of the Little Apple. It's a place where every item has a story, and every purchase is as unique as Manhattan itself - making it a truly special destination.