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Entertaining with Allegro Bistro’s Italian Cookies & Delicious Nothing Bundt Cakes

You probably know that Venice’s Allegro Bistro has great Sicilian-style Italian food. But did you know that its authentic Italian cookies and pastries are legendary? 

That’s because the expert baker at Allegro is none other than owner Nella Valente. Not only does Nella use fresh, premium ingredients, she bakes with love – Italian style! 

The Charm of Italian Cookies

For those who aren’t familiar, Italian cookies come in a delightful array of flavors, textures, and designs. Here is a selection of those Nella bakes for eat in or take away at Allegro Bistro. 

·      Biscotti is made with almonds or walnuts at Allegro. They are twice baked and crunchy, perfect for dipping into vin santo or coffee.

·      Rainbow Cookies are made from colorful layers of sponge cake, with jam in between and chocolate on top. 

·      The delicate, meringue-based Macaron is a cookie sandwich with a creamy filling that comes in vibrant colors.

·      Pignoli are made from almond paste and topped with pine nuts, they are a chewy and nutty treat that hails from Sicily – Nella’s home country. 

·      Anginetti (Italian Wedding Cookies) are slightly sweetened cookies traditionally flavored with anise, almond or lemon, and then dipped in a sweet sugar glaze. 

·      Cannoli is a dessert treat made from a pastry shell shaped into a tube, fried until golden and crispy and filled with sweetened ricotta and (sometimes) chocolate.

Elegance in Design & Flavor: Bundt Cakes

What makes a Bundt Cake a ‘Bundt’ is the distinctive round and fluted pan in which it’s baked. The name "Bundt" comes from the German word "Bund," which means a gathering or a group, reflecting the idea of a cake that's meant to be shared and enjoyed by many people. 

·      Size Matters: Nothing Bundt Cakes' delicious cakes are available in four sizes: Eight- and ten-inch full-sized cakes, Bundtinis are bite-sized cakes sold by the dozen, and Bundtlets are individual-sized cakes. 

·      Flavor Variety: There are many flavors to choose from at Nothing Bundt Cakes: some of which are seasonal. They include Lemon Raspberry, Red Velvet, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon, Carrot, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and more. 

·      Pumpkin Spice: This super-popular seasonal flavor is back on the menu through November 26!

Combine Allegro’s rich Italian cookies with the distinctive elegance of Bundt cakes and you will have a menu fit for a refined dessert soirée. Entertaining with only these can not only be a treat for the taste buds but also a conversation starter. 

Entertaining Tips

·      Presentation is Key: Invest in elegant serving trays or tiered dessert stands. The intricate designs of both the cookies and cakes deserve to be showcased.

·      Pair with Drinks: Consider serving with a variety of beverages. Italian cookies pair wonderfully with dessert wines, espresso, or even an aged grappa. For the mini bundt cakes, consider a rich dessert liqueur or freshly brewed tea.

·      Personal Touch: Adding small description tags next to each dessert can be a delightful touch. It allows guests to know what they are eating and offers a bit of a backstory to each treat.

An evening entertaining guests with Italian cookies and a selection of Bundt cakes is bound to be memorable. The rich history, flavors, and textures of these desserts provide not only a feast for the palate but also an opportunity for cultural and culinary exploration. 

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