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Disrupting The Skincare Industry

K&K Skin Products

K&K Skin Products

Katie Uilk and Kristina Trujillo; Co-Founders

1. What do you recommend using to apply face wash? Do you prefer your hands or a cloth? Is exfoliating necessary?

We recommend that you apply our oil-based Refreshing Facial Cleanser directly to your skin and rub in for 20-30 seconds then gently exfoliate and remove cleanser with a wet washcloth. The secret to our oil cleanser is using the right combination of cleansing oils for radiant, balanced, and healthy skin perfect for all skin types including rosacea.

Exfoliating is necessary to remove dead skin cells, debris, and makeup while also encouraging circulation and collagen production.  K&K will be releasing a hydrating jojoba bead scrub/mask in December 2022. 

2. Can your diet or certain foods affect your skin?

Yes, there is a direct correlation between your diet and your skin. Certain foods with vitamin C and Linoleic acid can help slow down the development of wrinkles.

“Vitamin C is not only an antioxidant to fight free radicals, but is also needed to help enzymes make collagen,” says Dr. Patricia Farris, a dermatologist and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology.

As skin thins, wrinkles become more visible. Linoleic acid, which is found in soybean oil, canola oil, walnuts, almonds, and edamame can prevent skin thinning and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. What is unique about the ingredients in K&K skin products?

What is unique about our ingredients is we combine nature plus science for actual results.  In our signature serum BioVer-X™️ we are using a breakthrough patented molecule that has enhanced anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, backed with 10 years’ worth of scientific studies and peer reviews. This exclusive patent-pending ingredient is blended with all-natural ingredients, premium oils and delivered in sustainable packaging.  BioVer-X™️ is exclusive to K&K Skin Products.

 4. What was the first goal when starting this company?

When we became a company, our goal was to bring a scientific breakthrough into the skin care industry.  Our BioVer-X™️ Serum has 10X more anti-inflammatory and 6X more antioxidant properties than the most potent ingredients on the market.  We both had skin issues and never found products that work, so with our innovation and curiosity we brought to life a skincare company that guarantees results or your money back!  Our products are made for all skin types including rosacea, acne-prone and dry skin and can reduce the appearance deep wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and more.

5. How do you recommend applying your products and how long does your product last?

We have simple skin care routines designed to fit different skin types and goals. Our products are oil-based so they are used differently than most skin care products however each one comes with step-by-step instructions to ensure correct use.  Our products last between 45-60 days and are also travel-friendly.  Each one is pure and concentrated so a little goes a long way and we recommend using our products with a splash of water to help hydrate and absorb. 

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