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Innovative Water Ionizer for a Healthy Lifestyle

Kangen Water - Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Kangen Water is created by the innovative Enagic alkaline ionizer and tap water filtration machine, which uses electrolysis to produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters you can use for each of your everyday water needs, allowing you to embrace a healthy, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle for you and your family. The system delivers high-quality waters ideal for drinking, cooking, cleaning and your daily beauty routine.

A Different Kind of Water Filtration System

Kangen Water from Enagic offers a healthier alternative than other filtration systems because, in addition to removing harmful chlorine and oxidants that cause aging from your tap water, this machine’s patented filtration process leaves an assortment of beneficial minerals your body requires, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. In contrast, Enagic’s competitors strip water of these helpful natural substances, supplying an inferior product.

Five Types of Water to Fill Your Every Household Need

The Enagic water ionizing machine is incredibly versatile and extremely user friendly, giving you the ability to choose the precise alkaline or acidic water required for your desired use with the simple touch of a button. Its state-of-the-art technology allows you to easily choose just the right water with the correct pH level for drinking, cooking, cleaning your home, gardening, personal hygiene, or caring for your pet.

1. Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.0)

Strong Kangen Water is a strong and versatile green household cleanser. It can safely be used on laundry to remove stains and is color-safe; it is also effective in getting rid of tough, hard to remove stains like grease and mold in the kitchen and bathroom. Strong Kangen Water is a diverse cleanser that can be used to disinfect dishes, cutting boards and kitchen utensils. It is also useful in ridding your home of lingering pet odors.

2. Alkaline Kangen Water (pH 8.5 - 9.5)

This alkaline water is hydrating and refreshing, making it excellent for drinking. It is also the perfect choice for cooking, including using it to prepare foods through steaming and boiling and incorporating it into your diet through broths, beverages like teas and lemonades and other recipes available through Enagic. Incorporating as much Kangen Water into your diet as possible will ensure you stay hydrated, nourishing the skin, the body’s largest organ, and that you have an adequate intake of the essential minerals the water contains.

Hydrating Kangen Water is also a great choice for gardening. Using tap or bottled water can introduce contaminants into your food and plants, but with Kangen Water, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are using naturally clean water that is good for you and the environment.

3. Neutral Water (Clean Water) (pH 7.0)

Neutral Water, also known as Clean Water, is a drinking water that can be used to prepare baby food and to take medication as well. This refreshing alkaline water is clear and contains none of the harmful chemicals commonly found in tap water such as chlorine and rust. Neutral Water can also be used to make a natural, healthy toothpaste for your pet.

4. Slightly Acidic Water (Beauty Water) (pH 4.0 - 6.0)

Slightly Acidic Water is also known as Beauty Water because it is a natural astringent. This water provides gentle cleansing for personal hygiene and beauty care for your face and hair without the harsh chemicals found in commercial products. Like all of the Kangen Waters, Slightly Acidic Water has multiple uses: it can be mixed with essential oils to make an effective flea and tick spray to protect your pet, used in your laundry rinse cycle and when preparing food for freezing to preserve flavor.

5. Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)

Strong Acidic Water is a wonderful hygienic cooking aid, effectively removing impurities such as dirt and pesticides from foods. In research studies conducted in the U.S. and Japan, Strong Acidic Water has been demonstrated to eliminate numerous common disease-causing bacteria, funguses and viruses including E-coli, salmonella and staff. It can also be used as a natural hand sanitizer and as a commercial disinfectant.

Budget, Body and Environmentally Friendly

With the assortment of Kangen Waters the Enagic alkaline ionizer and water filtration places at your fingertips making it easy for you to choose a greener home and a healthier lifestyle, you are opting for a cleaning and health solution that offers benefits for your budget, body and the environment. Instead of continuing to purchase expensive household cleaners and beauty care products, you can invest in a natural alternative that meets all these needs and provides you with quality drinking and gardening water as well.

Enagic offers a wealth of recipes with Kangen Water as the base to fill all your household needs including Kangen Laundry Detergent, Strong Kangen Water Dish Soap, Strong Kangen Water Window Cleaner, Kangen Beauty Lotion and more.

A Model for Every Budget

Enagic offers a full range of their alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines to fit every budget and families of every size. Enagic offers two starter models: the Leveluk-R, an affordable option that fits almost any family’s budget and the JRII, a reduced energy option. The Leveluk SD501 is Enagic’s best-selling home model. The new Multi-Language SD501 Platinum is available in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Large families and small businesses will enjoy Enagic’s large family unit, while those looking for a sleeker design will appreciate the under the counter unit.

Want to Learn More About Kangen Water?

To learn more about the numerous benefits of the Enagic alkaline ionizer and water filtration machine and how you can own one today, contact your Enagic distributor at MySecondHands.com or email vivicari09@gmail.com.

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