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Karla & Co.

Meet the Local Brand Doing Big Things

Karla Butvidas’ lights up when speaking about her clothing brand Karla & Co. The 35-year-old mother of two exudes genuine warmth and excitement; you just feel good around her. It’s no wonder her online t-shirt brand is wildly popular; it shares her same enthusiasm.

In 2017 Long-time Cave Creek residents Karla and husband Bryan started the brand of affordable apparel and accessories from their home to have fun, be creative and most importantly represent Latino culture. Something very important to Karla who is Puerto Rican and says, “representing who we are brings more appreciation for diversity. Right now, I think many people aren’t aware just how much variety there is. Karla & Co. is a way to educate the public about Latino culture and breaking stereotypes.”

Karla is the artistic force behind the line. Creating and designing digital imagery and text which are then printed on high-quality affordable t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and sold online. The designs with fun tongue-in-cheek quips such as, I'm sorry, did I roll my eyes in Español? and empowering phrases like, Latina’s come in all shades have reached over 70,000 orders to date. It’s clear Karla & Co. has tapped into something special.

What’s the secret to this success? Karla says it best, “we are all about spreading positivity, while representing and empowering people, especially those in the Latin community.” Karla & Co. is more than t-shirts. It’s a clever conversation between Karla and her audience. It is also a platform to engage in community outreach.

In fact, this year Karla & Co has partnered with non-profit community outreach organizations such as ‘Latinas in Tech’ a non-profit organization whose mission to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in the tech sector. Through fundraising events, LIT is able to provide resources, facilitate education, and foster the professional opportunities Latinas need to thrive, innovate, and lead in technology spaces.

These exciting partnerships are a part of the vital force of the brand’s broader goal to expand into a global market. Which is why partnering with T.V. host, producer, podcaster, and all-around powerhouse Pili Montilla (pictured on the front cover) has been instrumental in driving the company into new corners of the Latina market. Pili’s is the brand ambassador and creative muse of sorts whose own unique style has influenced new colors, and designs. When asked about how the value of such partnerships Karla says, “when one of us shines, we all shine.”

The refreshing atmosphere of female collaboration and empowerment is felt throughout the brand. From the product designs to the events and a recent opportunity for investments into the company Karla & Co. is

A female centered brand. Something that is very important to Butvidas who sees the challenges that women and girls face, especially women of color, and envisions a world where they’ll have the opportunities, financial education, and freedom to pursue their dreams.

Through creative design, community engagement, and collaboration, Karla & Co. is a celebration of culture, women, and motherhood. Check out the full product line by visiting Karla and Co. - Celebrate Tu Cultura or, follow on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest events and ways to contribute. 

When One of Us Shines, We All Shine. 

  • Pili Montilla and Karla Butvidas styled in Karla & Co. apparel.
  • Karla Butvidas owner and creator of Karla & Co.