Kate Says Move!

The owner of Alpharetta's newest fitness studio, Joey, shares 3 stretches to keep us feeling good this month.

Kate McGill is the founder of Joey, a new, boutique fitness studio located at Halcyon. The journey to Joey began when she moved back to her hometown of Alpharetta in 2017 after working in the NYC fitness scene as a finance and operations specialist. Opening her own studio is the culmination of her passion for health and wellness combined with her professional experience in the industry. Named after Joseph Pilates, Joey celebrated its grand opening in June of this year and has established itself as a premier fitness studio of North Atlanta.


Your glutes and hamstrings will thank you. Ground through your heels, scoop through your pelvis, and lift your hips to the sky.   

Dead Bug

Lying on your back, alternate extending opposite arm and leg. Keep your lower back firmly planted and pelvis stable. 


This is a great side body stretch and hip opener. Try keeping your hips grounded as you reach up and over. 


6345 Halcyon Way Suite 86


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