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Kaye C. Monfort JULY 17, 1958 – APRIL 25, 2024

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Kaye Monfort's Legacy

Northern Colorado Cattle Baron's Ball

Cattle Baron’s Ball is the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) premier, Western-themed gala, celebrating 32 years in Northern Colorado. For more than three decades, this event and the Northern Colorado Community have supported the mission work of the American Cancer Society, raising over $11 million for patient support programs and life-saving cancer research.

In 2023, among more than 150 gala events the ACS hosted across the country, the Northern Colorado Cattle Baron’s Ball ranked as the tenth highest grossing event, following major metro markets such as San Francisco and Dallas.

More than three decades ago, the local Director of the American Cancer Society pitched the idea of starting Cattle Baron’s Ball in Northern Colorado to Kaye Monfort. Being no stranger to the livestock industry, Western way of life, and helping others, the idea resonated with Kaye. She loved the idea because “it would be for cancer research, education and help for local cancer patients.” We have made enormous strides and progress over the years, but still cancer continues to hit home for all of us, far too often.

Unfortunately, our community recently lost Kaye to cancer.

While Cattle Baron’s Ball has evolved over the last 32 years since Kaye brought the event to Northern Colorado, the American Cancer Society and our community are forever grateful to Kaye for her dedication to this event and creating a generous village of people dedicated to supporting local cancer patients and ending cancer as we know it. Kaye was an incredible leader and invaluable member of our Cattle Baron’s village.

This year’s event theme, selected by this year’s chairs Craig & Tara Rasmuson, is “It Takes a Village to End Cancer,” because, as we all know, it takes a village of people to support someone through cancer – from diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

While each patient’s village looks a little different, from friends and family to their medical team and beyond, the American Cancer Society is honored to be a resource and part of cancer patients’ villages in Colorado and across the country.

This year, the mission paddle raise at the Northern Colorado Cattle Baron’s Ball will fund patient services in Colorado through critical information ( and 1-800-227-2345), transportation to and from treatment and lodging when treatment is far from home.

To learn more about the event and how you can support cancer patients in Colorado, visit

... our community (is) forever grateful to Kaye for her dedication to this event ...

  • Kaye C. Monfort JULY 17, 1958 – APRIL 25, 2024