Keeping Cobb Safe

Protect Your Loved ones and yourselves this season

The risk of both pedestrian and driving accidents increases towards the end of the year. Weather changes in the fall kick start unsafe driving conditions while school closures, holiday travel and social gatherings extenuate circumstances even more as the season progresses. 

The Auto Accident Attorneys Group (AAA), a local consumer-facing law firm, urges East Cobb citizens to keep safety at the forefront as we head into the busy season. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones is a top priority, and planning ahead can make it simple. 

On the Roads

"Due to congestion during the holiday season, it is important to stay diligent when driving near shopping districts and school zones because of an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic", shares Captain Paul Kincade.  

He encourages all residents to stay focused and avoid distracted driving at all costs. He also shares that officers have received numerous complaints from residents about drivers speeding and urges the importance of obeying speed limits. “When speed is increased, reactive time is decreased,” Captain Kincade adds.

Auto accidents are the most common cause of injury case in Georgia. There’s no better time than now to asses your driving habits. AAA recommends drivers avoid these common habits for safer roads across East Cobb this winter. 

  1. Speeding: Speeding is a catalyst for accidents. Black ice, deer, hydroplaning and overcrowded roads can all be exacerbated by high speeds. Obeying speed limits can increase your reaction time in any of these scenarios enough to prevent an accident.

  2. Late-Night Driving: The harsh reality is that late-night drivers are more likely to share the roads with those who have been drinking or are dangerously tired. 

  3. Practice Off the Road: Resources like Altanta’s Porsche Experience Center are available to practice driving techniques in the event of danger. Some obstacles even simulate a loss of vehicle control so drivers can practice responding in the face of danger.

At Social Gatherings

Just like driving, the seemingly never-ending social gatherings of the holidays can place you in risky situations. It goes without saying that you should never be the last person to leave a party. It’s better to plan ahead and set up a black car to avoid hasty, last-minute decisions regarding transportation. And who doesn’t want VIP treatment for a night?

Although each of these tips seems small, when practiced properly, they can yield lifesaving results. 

“I follow these tips because I’ve worked with over 10,000 auto accident cases, reviewed circumstances and noticed simple changes that could’ve avoided them altogether or mitigated the damage.” - Ali Salimi, Auto Accident Attorneys

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