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With The Friends Of Lory State Park

As Coloradoans, we all have an inherent sense of adventure.  How we individually define that adventure is what makes each of us different.  One thing is certain: no matter what your definition of adventure is, Colorado has it.  There is an incredible group of volunteers right here in Northern Colorado who are doing amazing things to keep one adventure-filled state park beautiful, accessible, and a source of unparalleled education. Meet the Friends of Lory State Park.  

The people that make up the Friends of Lory State Park are a group of volunteers who are committed to the preservation of and education about Lory State Park.  They encourage all Coloradoans to recreate in the beautiful Lory State Park and also teach about recreating responsibly.  

Located just to the west of Fort Collins, about a 20-minute drive,  Lory State Park is one of the most beautiful and now, accessible state parks for NoCO residents.  Accessibility to this park is getting easier and easier for Colorado residents.  With the “Keep Colorado Wild Pass”, residents can include a state park pass with the registration of their car.  A pass is regularly $80 a year, but the price is lowered to $29 when included with your car registration at the DMV.

Another way you can easily access the park is with your library card.  All the state libraries in Northern Colorado have a state park pass that you can essentially rent out.  You can borrow the pass for up to a week from your local library.  Also, the libraries have backpacks you can take with you that come fully loaded with everything you might need for hiking in the Rockies.  Who knew your library card could take you on such an adventure?  With just your library card you can access the more than 26 miles of trails in Lory State Park, for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.    

Lory State Park has something for every type of adventure.  If your idea of adventure is getting out of town and having a picnic, Lory has plenty of spaces for picnics.  If your idea of adventure is a little more extreme, Lory has something for you too.  There is something at Lory for every type of adventure.  

Lory State Park made history back in 2006 with their bike park which was the first of its kind in a state park.  Offering dirt jumps and a pump track area.  Today there are more than 21 miles of trails for mountain bikers.  These trails cover all types of terrain, from valleys to hogbacks.  There are trails for all skill levels of mountain bikers.  

Lory State park also offers trails for hikers, trail runners, and even horseback riders.  There are more than 26 miles of trails all over Lory, for whatever adventure you want to go on, and whatever skill level you are.  

Birding is a popular activity at Lory State Park.  There are many types of migratory birds that call Lory home for part of the year.  Birding groups come to Lory to see all the different kinds of birds.  Entomologists and amateur entomologists come to Lory to see the unique insects that are at Lory.  

Stargazing groups and amateur astronomers have been coming to Lory, welding their telescopes.  Lory is far enough out of the city that the stargazing is incredible.  The Friends of Lory State Park help groups like these to coordinate and use Lory to its fullest potential.  

Friends of Lory helps all kinds of groups become well acquainted with Lory State Park.  They are continually trying to educate about all of the nature that surrounds us here in Colorado and how to preserve it.  The Boys and Girls Club and Girl Scouts come to Lory State Park for educational opportunities coordinated by and taught by the volunteers that make up the Friends of Lory.  

The Friends of Lory are providing an incredible service to Northern Colorado.  They are spreading their love for nature and preservation through education.  They strive to keep the environmental impacts of all the visitors to Lory minimal while ensuring accessibility to as many people as possible.  This seemingly impossible dichotomy is a balancing act that is being perfected by these incredible volunteers.  Through education about all the recreating opportunities at Lory, as well as how to recreate responsibly, Friends of Lory know they can keep this delicate balance and preserve the state park they love so much. 

Volunteers like Friends of Lory State Park are at the forefront of keeping Colorado the wild, awe-inspiring place it is.   To volunteer, go to the Friends of Lory website.  Volunteers do everything from educating and taking groups on tours, to trail maintenance.  It is thanks to them that we have this beautiful park filled with so many opportunities for adventure right in our own backyard.  So choose your own adventure and get out to Lory State Park.