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Keeping it Classic

Collected Living Design provides a timeless touch

Walk into the office of Collected Living Design in Liberty and you’ll understand exactly what traditional and classic interiors feel like. This renovation and design firm understands that trusted relationships, attention to detail and timeless style all play a critical role in every project.  

Owners Laurie Champ, Abby Humphreys and Trent Raines invite us into a recent new build project in the Northland that showcases what timeless style looks like when a collaborative design truly hits home. Understanding that design – either in a new build or renovation – can be incredibly stressful, the Collected Living Design team provides the guidance, planning and expert eye to bring clients’ vision to life.

“People can get the scale all wrong with bookshelves,” Laurie says. Tall shelves need large accessories, which can be daunting for homeowners to select on their own.

Careful not to block the large sliders going out onto the deck, they arranged the living room for a classic, yet comfortable space. “It’s about both form and function,” Abby says.

The dark walnut of the kitchen island and hutch add warmth to the room, and the paneled refrigerator creates a seamless-looking space. With a marble countertop and unique accent lighting, the ledge and hutch provide unique areas to display artwork and other accessories.

Darker tones, especially in smaller areas, can be scary for homeowners. “If you’re going to do it, a small space is the place,” Laurie says. The dark wallpaper in the main floor bathroom, although admittedly a bit risky, adds a cozy feel to the space. Although ample lighting is important in primary bathroom spaces, a half bath is the perfect area to experiment with design and add the unexpected.  

Laurie and Abby chose a color called Swiss Coffee for the main floor, including the eating area off the kitchen. Abby describes the color as “warm without being yellow” and the chandelier, a beaded statement piece, provides a design element to a functional space.

The use of texture adds interest to an area, like a grass-cloth wall covering they used in one of the home’s hallways. “We wanted to create little moments,” Laurie explains of the home’s design.

The key to a traditional style often lies in the timelessness of the material and patterns used. “You see small hexagon tiles in black and white, or the use of natural stone or brick, so I like to think, ‘Is this something that I could have found years ago?’” Laurie explains. Using classic materials with a modern twist is seen in the gray and cream large block tiles in the mudroom, or the antique dresser for additional storage also used in the space.

The walls, ceiling, built-ins and trim of the pantry are all painted in the same muted green, a charming shelf curtain a nod to the English cottage style. The pocket door was a custom build and the wicker light was a fun element. “You might think the color will feel dark, but in the right lighting, it feels cozy. It makes a statement,” Abby says. “When you have a client who trusts our choices, it all comes together.”