Breeze Thru Carwash

Committed To Community

Breeze Thru carwashes have become a beloved staple in Northern Colorado with their more than a dozen conveniently located sites from Cheyanne to Longmont. But this family-owned local business is much more than just a car wash. It's a groundbreaking business that is committed to its values and to giving back to the community.

Breeze Thru's commitment to community involvement and giving back is evident in everything they do, from providing quality car washes that use top-of-the-line technology to hosting fundraisers that involve and educate kids about the importance of work ethic and raising money for causes they care about. The company also believes in making charitable donations to causes like Larimer County Search and Rescue and in helping to protect the environment by participating in river clean-ups and educating the youth of the community about the importance of environmental restoration.

Breeze Thru's commitment to its employees is also a core value of the business. The company provides personal and professional development through various programs like the Employee Apprenticeship Program, which is recognized by the Department of Labor, and offers a certificate in Operations Management that can be used across all industries. The company's commitment to education doesn't stop there as the upper-level staff takes courses on how to more effectively teach and develop employees, resulting in a better customer experience.

Breeze Thru's President, Justin Salisbury, believes in investing in employees and spreading knowledge to elevate the entire industry, resulting in a better customer experience. The company's commitment to its employees has resulted in a company culture where every employee has a voice, and constant feedback is used to improve daily operations.

Pushing the envelope of how to run a business is something Breeze Thru strives for.  Their corporate headquarters, in South Fort Collins, was chosen carefully because of what the building could provide- classrooms.  Continuing education for their employees is how Breeze Thru truly commits to their employee's future success. 

Development comes about through continuous coaching and training.  This education goes way beyond teaching their employees how to properly wash a car.  There are two employee programs that stand out and prove that Breeze Thru is a beacon in not just their industry, but in all industries. Every employee knows the company’s values and what they stand for, and they all know what they are working towards.  With each milestone an employee crosses, it is a cause for celebration, and then recalibration, aiming toward the next one, always striving to be better. 

The commitment to education doesn’t stop at employees.  The upper-level staff regularly takes courses on how to more effectively teach and develop employees better.  As they learn how to teach and coach more effectively, they are spreading their knowledge.  Leadership Worth Following is a leadership program run by Breeze Thru’s President, Justin Salisbury.  In this program, he teaches other leaders in the industry of car washes, how to be great leaders, and how to train and coach employees.  Through foundations such as these, he believes the entire industry will get better, resulting in a better customer experience.  He teaches this mindset of investing so much into your employees because he knows it’s going to elevate the entire industry, as he has seen it do with Breeze Thru. 

Breeze Thru is a perfect reminder not to judge a book by its cover.  While it’s a place you go to get your car washed, it’s so much more.  Salisbury and Keith describe that “Zen moment” when their customers realize the few minutes they take out of their day to get their car washed, has purpose and meaning to the community.  By choosing Breeze Thru you’re in turn supporting and giving back to the community too.  As much as washing cars is the business they’re in, Breeze Thru is all about their employees and making each one better, personally and professionally.  It’s no wonder Breeze Thru is one of the top employers in Northern Colorado. 

Salisbury said of Breeze Thru’s continued success, “Be purposeful in why you’re in business.  Be transparent in how you’re going to commit to it.  Remember to empower your team to achieve it, as people are the business.  Business is a concept.”   It’s through their mission and values like these, that Breeze Thru is leading the way to being the change they want to see in the world. 

Breeze Thru is not just a place to get your car washed, but a purposeful business committed to giving back to the community, protecting the environment, and developing its employees to be professionals that can succeed in any industry they choose. It's a perfect reminder that a company's purpose and values are what truly set it apart from the rest.

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