Keeping Peace At All Costs

Peacemaker Defense Group Employs Former Military, Police And Special Forces To Offer Specialized Security And Canine Services

Andy Moulton keeps people safe. From working as a bouncer when a teenager, serving his community as a police officer, training protection dogs and contracting protective services overseas, Andy has spent his life protecting others. Six years ago, he combined his vast repertoire of skills with those of other law enforcement professionals and military veterans to form Peacemaker Defense Group.

Based in St. Louis, with locations in Florida, Georgia and California, the company boasts more than 80 years of combined experience in military, federal and local law enforcement, diplomatic security services, Special Forces and private security. Since 2016, Peacemaker Defense Group teams successfully have protected clients and their assets all over the world with professional security services, including security planning and consulting, residential and professional guard patrols, executive protection, armored and secure transportation, security consulting, protective service details and specialized canine services.

“A lot of times people see security details in the movies, and they don’t realize how relevant it is to their own daily lives,” says Andy. “The reality is, if you have something someone wants, they are going to come after you. Our job is to think of what could happen before it happens, and ensure that it doesn’t happen.”

Andy says his services also extend to travel security, including reacting to natural disasters, acts of terrorism or general flat-out crime. “It’s all-encompassing. We protect every aspect of your life.”

And while Andy certainly caters to high-net-worth individuals, such as corporate executives, movie stars, musicians and wealthy families, his protective services extend to typical men and women as well.

The Peacemaker client is not part of any specific demographic, claims Andy. “They are all proud Americans from all walks of life.”

And while many do, not all of his clientele have deep pockets, he says. “It's not all about millionaires. Some individuals take $200 courses to give them insight for safety. I have clients who are ladies who work at gas stations and need service dogs.”

Peacemaker offers shooting courses at its gun range in Pacific, Missouri. It trains police officers and offers medical, first aid and tactical courses for anyone.

Peacemaker consultants design security plans by analyzing threats, risks and vulnerabilities at any private home or business. An overall security plan might include something as simple as increasing lighting around the exterior of a home or business or something as extreme as installing a 20-foot fence around a perimeter. The business or family may need a 24-hour security detail or a trained protective dog.

The personal protection dog or Peacemaker K9 is “a refined tool that adds more to an individual’s or businesses security plan,” Andy says. “Depending on the level of training, people can travel with a dog instead of one of us.”

Peacemaker acquires dog breeds in Holland known to be loyal, protective working dogs, such as German and Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Giant Schnauzers. Peacemaker dogs are deployed around the globe in numerous protection capacities, from privately owned family protection dogs to police and military special warfare dogs.

Fully trained, Andy says the Peacemaker K9 can cost anywhere from $35,000 to $140,000. That two-year training process includes ongoing relationships between Peacemaker, its customers and the dogs.

Andy says the Peacemaker K9 is confident, clear-headed, highly intelligent, socially affectionate and of stable temperament with character formed through professional training. “They are high caliber dogs developed and raised with intent and purpose,” he adds.

Pet services offered at Peacemaker’s training facility in Pacific also are for anyone trying to achieve a positive, happy and well-behaved dog though, Andy says. The firm offers six-week boarding and training, which includes multiple training sessions per day, as well as socialization, leash and house manners and basic obedience sessions.

Canine services offered include:  site protection, aggression/acquisition, explosive detection, drug detection and search and rescue.

Andy says 85 percent of Peacemaker employees are former law enforcement and veterans. He says along with partner, Alex Ivy, — a veteran Marine, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan — he seeks to serve people. “We're creating good jobs for people who've given so much to their country. We're utilizing their particular skill sets in positive ways. We're a very proud American company with Midwest values. It’s always been about helping people. That’s the goal. If I don’t do it, someone’s going to do it the wrong way, causing havoc and chaos and taking money from people. It’s about doing the right thing and sticking to those core Midwest values.”


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