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Keeping the Adventure Running

How Wally's Speed Shop Gets Vintage Cars Back On The Road

Cruising down Route 66 in a hot rod is an iconic adventure that is deeply rooted in Americana. And Wally and Miriam Viegal, the owners of Wally’s Speed Shop in Loveland, are keeping the spirit of classic car restoration alive by helping their customers hit the road in style.

Wally's passion for cars and his expertise in car restoration has led him to become one of the best in the business. He decided to open his own shop after realizing that he was meant to work on cars and that owning his own business was the best way to pursue his passion. His respect for the cars he works on, as well as their owners and the sentimental value that these cars hold, has earned him the trust of his customers.

What sets Wally apart is his transparent approach to his work. He sees himself as a "car therapist" and understands that the restoration process requires a lot of education. Wally walks his customers through each step of the process, which can be complex and full of twists and turns.

To begin the restoration process, Wally starts with a conversation with the customer to understand their vision, why they want it, and how he can bring it to life. He aims to uncover the car's history, which can be surprising and fascinating. Wally takes his responsibility seriously, not just restoring a car but also restoring memories and creating new ones for his customers.

Wally's work ethic, instilled by his hard-working father, inspires him to always strive for improvement. He applies the kaizen mentality of continuous improvement to everything he does, including giving back to the community. Wally keeps up with the latest technologies and applies them to the restorations he's working on. He always keeps his customers informed and at ease, even when applying new technology to old cars.

Wally's Speed Shop has grown rapidly, and he has had to move three times in seven years to accommodate the expanding business. Giving back to the community is essential to the Viegals, who donate to nonprofits such as Realities for Children, Hearts and Horses, and Loveland High School's marching band. Wally also donates his time as a Scoutmaster for a local Boy Scout troop.

Wally and Miriam Viegal are keeping the classic car restoration business alive and well at Wally's Speed Shop. Wally's transparent approach, passion, and commitment to continuous improvement have earned him the trust and respect of his customers, while his dedication to giving back to the community has made him an admired figure in Loveland.

Starting Wally’s Speed Shop has been nothing short of an adventure for the couple who work closely together every day.  Wally and Miriam love being able to provide an adventure to their customers, who when working with Wally’s Speed Shop, are just getting their adventure started.